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5000 Feet Up On A Snowmobile

Roa McToa



I have been a ghost here, but decided to stop in and share some life with everyone. Things are rough financially and it is hard to concentrate on Lego, even though I am attending Brickcon this fall.


We went up to the lake last weekend and rode up high to a point named Ascension. Up around 5000 feet, it was gorgeous, and too warm to wear a jacket the whole day out riding. This is bliss and utter peace within.





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Man, it was absolutely EPIC to the max! You could not ask for a better day to go up there. Not a breath of wind, it felt like it was 70 degrees out.

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Wow... that is sublime.


A moment of peace and exhilaration so profound, even the elements graced it with stillness and purity. All the more awe- and gratitude-inspiring when one considers the contaminated condition of the upper atmosphere in the wake of Fukushima.


Thanks for sharing this, Breann. Be well.



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Sometimes it's easy to forget that this earth has beauty like that. I live in the forests with a lot of pretty high ridges, and I never really gave them much thought until a few days ago, whilst everything was beginning to bloom. It really is stunning.


Also I miss you, my MOCing-mommy. ;_;

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I plan on making appearances more often, I have to really. I need to get back up to speed so I can be 100% ready for Brickcon.


and yeah Bunda, you can get lost and die forever there, no joke. Just over that edge was a cliff where you could plummet to your utter doom. In other words, stay far from the edge..... :P


Lol, MOCing mommy, thats awesome!

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Anyways, good to see you're making a BZP comeback.

That picture is epic. There are some things that aren't so great about living in a massive city, and not having places like that is one of them.

- :l: :flagcanada:
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