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I'm Not Saying It Was Aliens



Oh man. Awesome 11th, 11.5th, and 12th games of Risk Legacy tonight! I won game 11 (third win in the past two years of playing Risk) and STUFF WENT DOWN. So cool, amazing stuff. The game makers really knew what they were doing when designing the game. Twists and turns, etc.

Seriously, if you have any interest in playing Risk with the same 3-4 people fifteen times, where each game builds on the last and allows for radical changes from out of the blue, where the game evolves over time, Risk Legacy is the way to go.


Game 12 was also cool because we got to see the consequences of game 11, like causing everyone to have different strategies that put them out of the comfort zone they had built over the past 11 games.


-CF :kakama:


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How is it when played with only 3 people total? I've had some fun with Risk over the years (though I pretty much always lose), nad the best one I've played so far is Risk 2210. Is Risk Legacy significantly better?


- 55555

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How is it when played with only 3 people total? I've had some fun with Risk over the years (though I pretty much always lose), nad the best one I've played so far is Risk 2210. Is Risk Legacy significantly better?- 55555


I have never played Risk with only 3 people. Granted, I have played 5-player games where after a few hours 2 players are eliminated, but I don't feel that would be the same because by then one player is already slightly/a lot ahead of everyone else (maybe).

We play Risk Legacy with four players because that is all we have. It would be nice to have a fifth player because right now we usually have two pairs constantly fighting each other, or three people fighting each other with the fourth player building himself up where a fifth player would be able to keep him at bay.


Note of empathy: I normally lose too. I've only won 3 games in the past two years. :(


Risk 2210 looks interesting, because of the different dynamics. Like having a shorter game, where you have to focus on the now instead of later because of the five "years" instead of a conquer the world strategy.

Risk Legacy has a similar dynamic: Most of our games last 1-2 hours. We have never conquered the entire globe. Doing so will let you win, but the game also has "stars" that you can earn. Collect four stars and you win (this is done through the likes of controlling a capital (every player has a capital, so you start with one star (and another if you haven't won a game yet)), turning in 4 cards for a star instead of more troops, or completing a given mission).

Keep in mind, however, that it is a 15-game campaign. Make sure all 4 or 5 players are ready for that investment. And be ready for each game to be different, because you get to write on this board, put down stickers to give advantages or disadvantages, and completely destroy some countries and/or their advantages.

If you are super-annoyed that you "pretty much always lose," consider if you want to play or not. One player is really annoyed at how the two main winners quickly become super-powers each game. But at the same time it is partially situational and strategy. A little strategy can go a long way. Just be ready for the openings when they happen.


My favorite normal Risk title is Risk: Onyx Edition (which might also be called other things). It is a standard 4+ hour game of conquering the world, but it is better than the classic Risk. Here there are cities in major real-world territories that are large (China, Russia, Eastern US, etc) and having those also help your troop bonus at the beginning of each turn. And a capital gives you a troop and a +1 to your highest defense die roll when being attacked. And you build up territory cards to determine how many troops you get back instead of letting the little guy at the bottom dictate that each time you have 3-5 cards.



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