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From: Official My Little Pony Topic



I think a male-oriented show that focuses on slice-of-life storytelling and "friendship lessons" like MLP:FiM does would be pretty cool. Of course, there exist plenty of educational TV shows that are like this with about equal gender representation in the cast, like Arthur. In fact, just about every children's show I can think of that has slice-of-life storytelling tries to teach these kinds of basic life lessons, though friendship is often just one of many subjects. (Other common lessons include "don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today", "don't take credit for other people's work," etc.)


For some reason it just seems that there aren't many of these shows these days without many female characters in the main cast, though, perhaps because that's seen as exclusionary to girls who might enjoy the show.


On that note...


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that the best way to defeat an enemy is to make him your friend. And my new friend Lloyd learned to never trust a snake.


Your faithful student,

Kai, Ninja of Fire




Source: Official My Little Pony topic


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