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I can still see the black pixel hovering over the O, and for a horrifying moment I wake up and can't remember if it's still there. So I log on to BZPower, and through a trick of the light or my weary mind, I see it sitting there, taunting me in its singular, #000000 8-bit terror.


Then I blink once or twice and breathe again as it vanishes, but I know that it will never truly leave my mind. It will always be waiting to come back in my nightmares, to unravel my sanity and cast me into the depths of madness.


Beware the pixel, my friends. Beware.


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:kaukau: Oh no, I recognize this from the prophecy. Alas, I thought bonesiii's arch-nemesis had been vanquished. Evil Lord Serverlord has returned!


Wait, wrong prophecy. How embarrassing.



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