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And Just When I Was Getting Used to the new look

Elrond of Rivendell


Well, I wake up this morning to a little suprise.


BZ has changed... again.


I have mixed feelings about this. It feels as if we are trying to move backward instead of forward.


On the other hand, we no longer have that mix of eyesore blue and white :P


On the whole, I like it. It's an ideal balance, though I would have rather seen black and neon green :P



What are your thoughts?




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I like it. I wasnt here in the old forum days so I have an open mind. I think it looks great. Although I think the grey should be a darker grey and the white should be a really light grey

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Black and neon green would be amazing. I think it's also why I will never be requested to help on the skins, as I would definitely follow through on that, once I figure out what goes with what. =P

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