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So, just waiting to head over to the convention hall and apparently Ninjago is on TV, sooo


I'm going to have to begrudgingly admit that it's better than I expected. I'll have to start catching up to it now. I'm only three seasons behind, right? :?

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Online video sites can be your friend, but if you want to catch up legally, you can either buy the DVDs (not what I'd recommend if you've only seen one episode :P ) or view all the episodes from the second season on the British Ninjago website (they also have all six of the two-minute mini-movies that come between the first season/pilot and second season, but sadly they no longer seem to have the first season itself). The LEGO.com videos are not in as high quality as some of the ones on that one unmentionable video site, but they should still be sufficient to enjoy the episodes.


I can't find any "legit" sources where you can watch the pilot/first season episodes "Way of the Ninja" and "King of Shadows" now that they've been taken off the British Ninjago site. At least, no sources where you can watch those episodes in English. But I'd definitely recommend watching those first. Some people dislike the pilot due to the skeleton warriors' general ineptness (and their generals' ineptness :P ) and the lack of character development for many of the Ninja other than Kai, but in general I think it was a strong foundation for the show to be built upon, and it really helps you to understand Lord Garmadon's character better than any other episodes to date.


EDIT: Did find one fairly cheap way to watch the Season 1/pilot episodes legally: both of them are on iTunes for $3 apiece. Not free, but a lot cheaper than you'd pay for the DVD, and in HD to boot!

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