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An Aspie Question



I am never going to get used to writing that. OTL


But uh, okay, since I know there are other aspies wandering around the blogs: Are you able to feel when you're getting overstimulated? And what do you do to get yourself calmed down again?


I get very, very irritable and upset, kind of like the feeling you get if someone pokes you with a stick and doesn't listen when you tell them to stop. I just haven't found good ways to get myself back to a calm state. So I'd like to hear what other people do.




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I get that way sometimes. Honestly, I'm not really sure what I do besides take a break from doing whatever gets me upset and come back later after I've cooled off.

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Yeah, the best solution (although not always feasible) is to remove yourself from the situation. Sometimes as little as a bathroom or water break can be enough. But not always. In high school I made sure to have an accommodation that allowed me to excuse myself from the room to talk to a counselor at any time. That hasn't been possible at college. I recommend making sure that at least one person in a position of authority in those sorts of situations is aware of your condition and willing to accommodate you taking a brief break if you get too overwhelmed.

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