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Spring Break Plans




Taking the bus down from Boston to D.C., then the Metro to Alexandria. Gonna be hanging out with the brony group from my hometown I recently learned of. It's gonna be tight.


Oh, I'm sorry, is my outdated slang bothering you? Let me reconfigure.


It's gonna be crucial.


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DC/NoVA is the best place in the whole world!! I live there! !!!! !!!! !!!!!

I live just south of what people generally think of as "Northern Virginia", so I know what you mean. For spring break the year before last, I got a five-day VRE pass and spent each day visiting museums in Washington, D.C. That was pretty fun itself, and a good way to vacation on a budget as well (since all Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo, have free admission, and not driving means not having to pay for parking).
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