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Let's just take a moment to reflect on the fact that the Green Hornet got a movie before Wonder Woman got to appear in one.


Okay? Had your flashbacks to how awful that movie was yet?




Wonder Woman's going to be played by a cardboard actress in a movie directed by Zack Snyder.


Let me put it this way - given the choice between not eating, and eating a muffin made of broken glass, I'd go ahead and not eat.


Zack Snyder movies tend to be muffins made of broken glass - very shiny, no real substance, and it leaves kind of an unpleasant, metallic taste in your mouth.


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I found Green Hornet somewhat enjoyable since I had no expectations.


I am also curious as to how you know so much about what muffins made out of broken glass taste like. And why muffins... wouldn't it be easier to make a sandwich than a muffin when it comes to broken glass?



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Yeah, Angry Joe did an unlinkable rant on that. The man swears a bit too much for BZP's tastes, but I basically agree with him: there were a lot of other actresses that not only would of portrayed Wonder Woman better, but also had something resembling acting talent. There's a surprising number of actresses out there that are actually buff and athletic; something Wonder Woman is suppose to be. She's an Amazon after all, kinda comes with the turf.

But, nerp, nerp, one of the Big Three of DC is going be a secondary character in a teamup movie. She is basically the only major superhero not to get a big-screen release. Animated movie, yes, and it was a pretty great movie, but nothing in the cinemas. It's a serious problem.

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Blood tasting metallic was what I was going for, yes.


The body type of the actress doesn't actually bother me half as much as the acting ability - someone can get into shape for a role in a surprisingly short time frame, but developing acting talent isn't nearly as easy.

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