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Pertaining to that last entry



Current XCOM squad:

  • Lt. Zuzana "Collateral" Solovyava, Russian Heavy and humanity's first psychic
  • Cnl. Makoto "Ouija" Mutsuda, Japanese Support and the only thing keeping the team alive.
  • Cnl. Shankar "Casino" Chopra, Indian Heavy and supression specialist
  • Cnl. Kieth "Low Rider" Lee, Australian Sniper and deadlier than his homeland's wildlife
  • Cnl. Humberto "Wildchild" Ruiz, Honduran Assault and the first man to taze any alien, much less every kind I've met so far.
  • Cnl. Denise "Raven" Mills, American Sniper and the single most dangerous member of XCOM, with 45 kills to date.


Recommended Comments

One of my snipers (One Shot, I believe) had a thing where if she either got a headshot/kill she could fire again and had the ability to shoot twice in a turn. Needless to say I built her to have an almost guaranteed headshot and man, she cleaned up.

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Sounds like In The Zone for the first one, but the second sounds like Bullet Swarm?


Were you playing Within or Unknown?

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I can't remember. May have just been the first one; I do remember in a good round she could knock off a solid three, but I may be misremembering. 


I played Unknown.

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