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Lost Tribes of Chima



Chima has some great humanoid, anthropomorphic animal characters, and the sets are really cool too.


But we all know LEGO could do more. We've seen snakes in Ninjago. Atlantis had some great aquatic life minifigs. The Collectible Minifig Series has had their fair share of animal figs. So let's see the exploration and go deeper into the jungle:




Not only can we dive deep with some stingrays (and sharks, which I don't have), but buzzing around with bugs makes sense too. Mosquitoes and other creepy-crawlies found in the jungle.


But let's not stop at things like snakes and lizard-men. Embrace mythology and throw in the legendary Lost Griffon Tribe (and maybe search the maze for the Minotaur, but watch out for the Medusa (or rather, don't watch out)).


And of course, let's have some samurai pandas.


Time to make some Chima MOCs?


-CF :kakama:

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I would not be at all surprised if some of these sorts of animals are used in future Chima waves. For example, they can't really use sea creatures until there's some Mahri-esque storyline taking place in or near an ocean. Dinosaurs similarly could carry a wave the same way the mammoths and sabertooth tigers and such showed up for the Fire vs. Ice sets.

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