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Lord of Skull Spiders



If all the Toa have to claim their golden masks to become the Master of their element, does that mean Lord of Skull Spiders has to claim its golden mask and become the LORD OF SKULL SPIDERS?


I am the Lord of Skull Spiders. I must claim my golden mask and become the LORD OF SKULL SPIDERS!


Now imagine that sentence in the style of those other promotional vids/episode narrator voice.


You know what, I'm going to guess that Makuta forged the Mask of Skull Spiders and the 'masks' the Skull Skeletons are wearing while Ekimu forged the other six and the Mask of Creation.

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Gold makes you a master.


Bu PLATINUM makes you a lord.


The Skull Spider collected his plarinum mask years ago and became their Lord. The gold mask is just a step down.




And now you have an uncontrollable desire to collect a Platinum skull spider mask. Even tho I just made it up. Muhahaha. (It's all part of LoSS's ingenious plan.)



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