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Coming Soon! Bionicle comic series!

Lady Kopaka


I've announced on other websites I frequent, but I forgot to mention here on BZP. I'm currently working on a series of short comics devoted to BIONICLE, particularly during the Makuta takeover arch. Frankly, I was upset in the direction of the story after Mahri Nui, so I'm working on redoing it. Obviously, this is my AU and I don't want to force it on anyone, but mayhaps some people will enjoy it?


Here's quick facts about it:


- To be released January of 2016 (though will keep everyone updated with concept art and so forth until then).

- Will be in a alternative universe with mostly minor altercations to the story--but does its major detour during Karda Nui.

- Human Bionicle portrayal. I could go on a long rant as to why I'm doing this, but in the end, it's because I want to do it this way.

- Will be separated into comic issues--each one around 20 or so pages.

- Each issue will be focusing on a particular group of characters and event.


Here's an test page, random scene from Time Trap:




That's all I have for today. I guess I'll decide if I want to make a topic or keep it here for all the progress work.


Let me know if you guys have any suggestions or such.

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I'm really looking forward to this Sue! The artwork is fantastic, as always. The designs you've worked out for Vakama and Teridax totally fit their characters.



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