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Star Wars was great



Man, that was quite a movie. Some great space sequences, good light sabor duels. Dialog was okay, but I wasn't expecting much more.


Lots of good shocking moments. I mean, I totally saw Darth Binks coming, but Reys dad being C3P0 was quite the surprise. It was also quite a shock when Chewbacca betrayed the Rebels to the stormtroopers. Didn't see that coming.


Oh, sorry if I spoiled anything, but yeah seems like a good movie, or at least one fans will complain about but watch a dozen times anyway. Still haven't decided when my second showing will be. Anyway, good night, and may the force not sleep in with you.


*also I should probably say I haven't seen the movie yet... Writing this from my theater seat, 1 hour to go. Suffice to say, spoilers above are fakes. As far as I can tell.*



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