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Grand Theft Auto V - Year in Gaming Part 9



Still need to wrap this series up, and I decided I wanted there to be at least 10 entries. With the last one picked from the start, I had quite a few to pick from still. (The rest of which will be showing up in their own leftovers entry.) Then I realized after scrolling my list up, that another of the very first games I played this year was probably notable enough to talk about. Grand Theft Auto is kind of a big deal, right?


Grand Theft Auto V was my first GTA game. I think I understand the hype now, even if I hadn't bought into it fully.


The big open world was a blast to explore, especially on a motorcycle as Franklin. Despite its size, I felt the map wasn't too hard to get used to and remember, which made navigating easier and not the utter frustration it could have been. This was the kind of world I hadn't experienced since Just Cause 2 (where I spent far too many hours in, and yes I'm hoping to get the next one soon), so that was just an overall welcomed thing to play in.


The character switching in the campaign was something I really enjoyed. It let me play the game very differently depending on who I was at any given time without having to play it again. My Franklin was a down to earth guy who just wanted to get out of his bad lot in life. He wasn't about to kill somebody if he didn't have to, like in that ending. Trevor was the maniac he was so clearly written as. Michael wasn't much better, having lived a lie for years to pretend he was a better man but knowing the truth deep down. That's what I was telling myself anyway. It's GTA though and regardless of that it's all really played the same lol. But it still made for an interesting mechanic.


The plot of the game isn't anything to write home about; it's the antics surrounding it that made the game. The character interactions were great. I especially liked Steven Ogg's work as Trevor. He did a fantastic job.


What's probably the biggest attraction to most for a GTA game seems to be the eclectic multiplayer. Unfortunately, I can't comment on it a whole lot. I only barely dabbled in it, and just didn't find it interesting enough to return. Maybe with a group of friends to mess around with I might have reconsidered, but alone, there just wasn't much I wanted to do. Never even got around to trying out a heist, even though I did want to..


Grand Theft Auto V was a good game that I enjoyed while I played it, but I just wasn't one of those it gripped fully and hung onto it tight for a while.




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