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Force Awakens Thoughts



Things to discuss about the latest Star Wars movie.



I was honestly expecting some more friction between Poe and Finn. Poe shot and killed Finn's stormtrooper buddy in the first scene, and there's no remorse for that? Instead, they become besties? Eh, I'll get over it, they make a great pair. More Pinn (or Foe) team ups are a must in the next movie!


Han repeats his boast of "making the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs". People love to complain about that 'cause parsec is a unit of distance and not time. But what if this is a traveling salesman kind of thing, where he's trying to find the shortest route? In that case, using a unit of distance as a boast makes sense. (I thought I was pretty smart about this cause I hadn't seen that theory before... but then I googled it and yep somebody has brought it up before and that was actually a canon explanation.)


Why does it not bother anybody that Han apparently sacrificed his former crew to lure the Rathtars on board his vessel? Maybe he was saying that some perished in the attempt, but all three Rathtars made it into their secure encloses all neat-like. Sound's a little diabolical on Solo's side; and he's supposed to be some good guy? And even worse, Rey considers working for him, even after hearing about how he treated his former employees?


Also, the most implausible part of the movie: Han only now realizing how powerful Chewbacca's bowcaster weapon is. I mean, he's had that thing since the first movie, and not once did Han realize that his partner's weapon was pretty dang powerful? (Either that, or Chewie recently upgraded it, which would explain why he was the only one to survive herding on the Ranthtars.)


I've also seen alot of complaining that Leia's role wasn't that great, and that Carrie Fisher didn't *gasp* age well. So what? I think she did an adequate job as an aged leader, and the script didn't exactly call for her to do a whole lot either. So complainers; get over yourselves. (I know, complainers on the internet... who could've foreseen that?) (Also, for the record, Han aged better than Indy, although old Indy still threw more punches in his movie.)


Also, noticed how many times Rey went a little crazy with her weapons. When she first fired her blaster, she was really getting into it, and of course the last half of the lightsaber battle. Seems more Sith-like than Jedi-like. It would be... intriguing... if she goes over to the Dark Side and eventually becomes the big baddie. Better yet, Kylo Ren might return to the light, and the third movie could have the climatic rematch between the two of em, except they each would've switched sides! (Okay, that's a long shot, but I still think Rey's gonna be fighting with the darkness within her as much or more than Luke did.)


Phasma better return in the next movie, otherwise she's the most over-hyped character in the franchise.


For the record, we haven't been able to disprove the whole Darth Binks theory; he's just still operating in the background. Kylo Ren reports to Snoke, but who do you think Snoke reports too, hmm?


So this movie was about the Force awakening. That means it was asleep. Who else was asleep for most of the movie? R2D2. Who woke up at the end of the movie? R2D2. Thus, I think that droid is the embodiment of the force. I mean, he's been in all the movies at critical plot points, so it all makes sense! (Or he woke up because that was the first time Rey was in close proximity.)


Luke at the end of the movie: "That's not my lightsaber." *awkward*



And that has been my random thoughts about nitpicky things in Force Awakens. Until next time / I think of more.




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