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Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia



At last I am done with this trilogy! (Mostly.) And in my opinion, Assassin's Creed Chronicles: Russia was a pretty good ending.


Once again, nothing too new mechanically here to report. You have guns now replacing your knives from past games, and you can electrocute people. That was fun.


What does set this one apart from its predecessors is the presence of a deuteragonist. I was not expecting that at all, let alone it being an actual historical figure. When you weren't running around as the grizzled Nikolai Orelov, you got to be Anastasia Romanov. Since she wasn't a trained assassin, it did require a different playstyle more heavily relying on stealth that broke things up nicely.


Once again we do have a new art style. I wasn't a big fan. This game was gray and red. Very, very red. Gee, I wonder why...


One interesting thing is we were finally able to put all of those codes that have been hidden throughout the three games to unlock a modern day cut scene. That was cool.


I'm going to go back to China now to get the missing Achievement there, which I consider the hardest in the trilogy. I actually finished Russia 100% this time before posting this entry, not just my first run through the campaign. It was definitely the easiest one. But by and large, I'm done with Chronicles. I can say my skills improved as I moved to each new one, improving my enjoyment and opinion of the games as well. So yeah, I'm thinking a little more positively of them now. Still not must-plays though.




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