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The Sky Warrior

Pahrak Model ZX


Would I July to you about this?


Shaymin is available over Mystery Gift right now! And I’m sure there’s some way of getting the item to change its forms in XY and ORAS, but I don’t really care enough to look up what it is right now.


This is especially momentous for me because Shaymin was, aside from Volcanion (and then there’s Sun and Moon but y’know), the only Pokémon my Living Dex was missing. So I now have 720 Pokémon, and can achieve that same number in any Gen VI game simply through transferring! If I just get a chance at Volcanion, I’ll have a totally complete Pokedex for maybe a few days! (Depends on exactly when the US gets it, I guess…)



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Aw yiss, thanks for reminding me about Shaymin.

I'm not actually a fan of Shaymin's Sky Forme. I feel like it loses a lot of the aspects that make Shaymin uniquely adorable in favor of a much more generic look. I'm sure it's much better competitively, though.

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