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Brickfair Highlights




  • Catching up with people, meeting new people...
  • Breadsticks weren't up to standard, I felt like.
  • Nick Bluetooth dabs on Bionicle's grave.
  • Zatth brings Gorilla MOC; Harambe jokes don't stop for the duration of the con.
  • Come expecting trivia, get bad puns.
  • The Barn, and the games we played there.
  • Million Dollars, But..., Cards Against Humanity, Fibbage, Earwax, Quiplash, Superfight.
  • I fill a bag with orange 1x1 bricks to finish the Onua Uniter Mosaic.
  • Going off the Harambe thing earlier, we come up with Bricks out for Bionicle.
  • I add the orange 1x1s to everyone's badges, for Bricks out for Bionicle, up to and including Kevin Hinkle at one point.
  • 10th anniversary of the Piraka.
  • Hitting curbs and doing u-turns in the Pablomoblie.
  • Cramming 9 people into the Pablomobile, including myself, Aanchir, and Christian in the trunk.
  • Yes, we did a screeching u-turn while we were in the trunk.
  • "I'm Sending the Farm Animals".
  • Tom Dadden and the legendary Galidors.
  • Xaeraz, Avokah Tamer, and I, plus a bunch of other con-goers, spend all day searching for pokemon throughout the convention.
  • Our search ends with finding the legendary Mewtwo in the Duplo display.
  • Can't stop laughing about Brumpotungus.
  • 66 hat hatpile.
  • I win the Ghostbusters firehouse after the build.


I'd like to put a list of everyone I met/saw here, but I won't for various reasons.

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