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Aquaman: Quick Thoughts

Jean Valjean



:kaukau: Well, I watched it a couple of days ago. So here we go:

  • This is one of the only movies I've ever immediately bought a ticket to rewatch it after leaving the theatre. It really excited me.
  • At various points, it reminded me in the best possible way of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: James Cameron Edition, the Sam Raimi Spider-Man, Mad Max: Fury Road, TRON: Legacy, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Godzilla, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Finding Nemo, Jules Vern, old pulp serials about pirates, the Disney Renaissance, WWE wrestling, and even Lord of the Rings. I can't believe that they actually fit all that in there.
  • This movie literally surprised me more than The Avengers. With that one, while putting together all its elements was difficult and unlikely for lack of precedent, it was still fairly easy to imagine how it should go down. Besides, the MCU had a good track record leading up to it. This? It included everything that I could ever want in an Aquaman movie, everything that I thought should be in an Aquaman movie, and yet never expected. I mean, you really did have to essentially combine everything that I mentioned in the above bullet point, and what were the chances of a studio seeing that? And furthermore, even if that was what they went for, how was I to expect that a director could do all that justice? There's a reason why genuinely iconic movies like those are rare.
  • If it could use one major improvement, I do think that there needed to be one slow scene that existed slowly for the feels, so that we could bond and identity with Arthur Curry.
  • Other than that, the movie had so much in it to content me that the only possible thing that I could think to add would be that I wish they brought in David Peterson to write a fictional language. Jason Momoa already has experience with those.
  • Amber Heard as Mera was great.
  • I thought that Nicole Kidman as Atlana would be distracting, but it wasn't. I was even sold on the Hallmark-style romance between her and Tom Curry. I think that they are the main reason why you root for Arthur. Given that, I understand why there's such a large chunk of the audience that are mothers, and why some of its highest ratings are with mothers.
  • I'm totally going to watch this again, and drag my father along. If I have the chance to watch this with my mother before it's out of theatres, I'll do that as well.



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