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My Plans For Tomorrow



Actually, it's my plan for Friday and Saturday, more or less.


Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to a midnight release party for Harry Potter. First, I gotta get my costume ready. I'm going as Harry Potter. I have made a Harry Potter costume before, but it was just a robe and a scar sharpied on my forehead. :P


This time, it's gonna be better. I'm gonna make a more realistic scar. I'm hoping to take some Harry Potter-ish glasses. I won't be able to see as well (the glasses won't have my perscription lense, and I don't have contacts) if I do bring them. Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pics of me at the party up.


Anyways, after the party, I'm gonna read one chapter. Actually, my mom's gonna read one chapter, and then we're gonna get to sleep. If it was up to me, I would sit down, and read the whole thing. :P


But it's not up to me.




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