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Greetings, Everypeoples!



I'm back from Family Camp at Camp Alleghany in West Virginia with my... err... family, and life is good! Let me update you on some stuff that might interest y'all.


First and foremost, I GOTS THE MAHRI! Certainly, this happened before I left on Saturday, but I hadn't the time then to make a blog entry. So far, my favorite Mahri in terms of both sets and story are Kongu and Matoro. You can probably expect some Mahri drawings soon.


Also, I have now read both Eragon and Eldest, as well as The Tale of Despereaux. I reread the seventh Harry Potter book too (and it's no less compelling than when I read it the first time).


The most obvious update should be that BZP is back, although the forums are now defying my every attempt to read new posts, blog entries, topics, etc. Don't worry, though, because if your blog/topic is one I read often, I'll start from the last place I read next time it gets updates


Also, thanks to some hard work put in before the closing of the forums, The Sugar Bowl has a brand new header, as well as (irf you failed to notice before), a new directory content block. If you have any more suggestions for my blog, feel free to post them here, particularly those that concern my topic archive. It's not my most attractive content block, and it's size makes it hard to work with. I want to keep some sort of public archive, but I need ideas!


Anyway, glad to be back to BZP.


- :vahi:


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I like the nav bar.

"It appears to be a drawing of the house burning down drawn from inside the burning house"

(or something like that)


The World is Quiet Here


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So, did Eldest kick Eragon's butt, or did it? :P


Actually, they were both quite awesome. Eldest, of course, was far more suspenseful, but that is true for almost all planned sequels, as the first book in a series generally serves to set the scene.

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