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My Location



You may want to believe I am from the Pacific Northwest, but that would be false, I say. For I am not there. I am not on earth. I am elsewhere.


I used to be there. But I decided to leave a while back, 'cause I felt like it. Anyway, I heard that the Cassini Satellite was going to shoot past the Earth on its way to Saturn. So I went into space, and hitched a ride on it. Fortunately, the Vogons didn't blow up the earth, so I could continue to connect to BZP. Anyway, I was stationed on the Cassini until Janurary 05, when we finally reached Saturn. The rings were really cool, but I was tired of living on the satellite. So I jumped on the Huygens probe, and fell down onto Titan, Saturn's largest moon that has an atmosphere. Scientists couldn't see through the atmosphere, so it was really surprising when I came down. There's methane oceans everywhere, and beach-front property is a steal!


So I am now camped out on the Moon Titan, next to the wreckage of the Huygens probe, orbiting Saturn, and a very long ways away from Earth. But I still come on BZP, and get Bionicle sets express mailed to my location.


Or so I would like it to be. Anyway, that's going to be my exact location from now on (as it has been). :sly:




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