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On Clonism



Dear Reader,


The ethics of cloning is an issue that comes up often these days, and the cloning of BIONICLE sets is no exception. Whether you are an MOCist, an artist, or a stockholder, you have no doubt noticed a significant change in BIONICLE since the phasing out of clone sets. In this post, however, you will find a tedious degree of math and basic counting which serves to confirm that, while it may seem that the sets for 2006-2008 have been repetitive, many things have not changed. Among the discoveries in this post are that the third story book has more Toa torsos than any other story book has ever had, that the number of new parts in each series of canister sets has been between 20 and 24 with the exception of four lines, all of which were clones, that the price of steel, not the price of oil, is the primary determining factor in whether new molds can be produced, that Aanchir should really spend his time on more important things, and that some later-posting members are wise enough not to read the excruciatingly, a word which here means "torturously," long posts that Aanchir is accustomed to make.


At the dawn of the Toa Mahri I found myself disappointed, in that there was no longer standardization among a team of Toa, a severe impediment to my drawing. However, I gradually came to understand with which the Mahri endowed us, and while they are still very difficult to draw as an instantly recogniseable team I have learned that they showed the sort of innovation that good BIONICLE sets call for.


Thus I hope we have reached a concensus in that it is much more effective to have a clone read my posts in your place, and thereby save you a great deal of stress and time.


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time


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Still, I kinda miss clone sets. More parts in more colors.



(really Bunda)

Now there is one of many valid reasons for wanting a return to clone sets. :fonz: Of course, if it weren't for the phasing out of clone sets, I don't know that we'd ever see the Rahkshi foot again except in titans every now and again. As of 2007, we have it in dark bley and dark green, adding two more non-pearly colors to our repertoire.


Ironically, if the person who posted that topic had this in mind, they might have felt it a blessing that we had fewer new parts than before, no matter how untrue such a notion might be. :P

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I read that post of yours. I commend you for taking the time to count all that up.


There have been new pieces every year, or else it'd get boring.


Bunda has a very good point, I think Cajun said something along the lines of how Bionicle sets are great because of the same piece shape in (at least) six different colors. This is great for new leg pieces, and probably torso pieces (once they make something other than the Inika torso, preferable 9 studs wide).


I don't quite mind the bad guys looking different, especially how in 2007 and 2008 (where they look different) there is storyline reason in that they are different species or can shape shift. But Piraka pieces in their different colors was nice, but am I saying that because I need them?


So, clones are good and bad, because of their pieces. IMO, legs are something we need in a variety of colors. Maybe feet, if they're interesting. (Though it would be boring to have a whole group all have Mantax feet, but maybe over the next two years we can get them in different colors, something like that. I wish Lego would think about giving out pieces in different colors....)



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