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Ok, why does EVERYTHING happen when I'm gone for a month? Dr. B's a FA, the Art Contest finally came up, and since WHEN did BZPower have blogs? :wacko:


Ack. ><




Well, I'm finally done with school. I finished a 10-page research paper on George Lucas yesterday (got an A-), thus ending my 10th grade year! Whoo! :happydance:


Now, with school out of the way, I can concentrate on my AC11 entry, which is now almost halfway done (I need to finish inking it). The category is not a favorite for me, but I'm crossing my fingers and hoping I'll get above 3rd place in handdrawn this year. :unsure:


Oh, and SC...yeah, I'm still not done with..ah...your request....eh-heh...


*runs for life*




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Dr. B is an FA? Why wasn't I informed of this? :fear:


You're lucky you were only gone for a month... I took a 12 month break from BZP, and, well, let's say I missed a lot.


Blogs are cool.

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They came soon after the Vahki Power skin was installed and the Classic BZP returned. It's just another neat feature for Premier Members, one I actually like and might make me consider PMship. :P and yeah, I always miss the neat stuff. When Toaraga got promoted I didn't even notice.


Good luck on the recruitment poster! :)

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