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Various Fascinating Discoveries



Yesterday afternoon I found out from a friend that the 5th Artemis Fowl book was out. On Mom's way home, Lyichir called her to ask if she could pick up a copy at Borders. She couldn't find it, but she did find another book off our wish list: The Beatrice Letters.


The book is arranged like a two pocket portfolio, one pocket for "Letters" and another for "Letters". In the "Letters" pocket is the book itself, whereas the "Letters" pocket contains a folder that may be indispensible, a word which here means, "essential and necessary," to decoding the letters that are ironically placed in the "Letters" folder. The book contains many unpleasant things, which include a two-hundred page book about a dreadful revelation, love letters, "My Silence Knot," bats, a brae-man, letters of the alphabet, the Baudelaire orphans, secret compartments, business letters, hatpins, and root-beer floats.


This book, like The Unauthorized Autobiography, answers a lot of questions you ASOUE fans may have been asking, and more that noone had thought to ask, even hinting at the answer to the greatest mystery of all, "Who is Beatrice?"


Yet, in classic ASOUE style, these answers do not clear up all of your questions, instead providing you with even more, which we only hope we will find answers to in Lemony Snicket's final book, The End.

It's a funny thing about looking for answers, Nokama... sometimes you're better off not finding them


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time


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