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How Unfortunate.



Why do people seem to avoid my topics nowadays? Noone's posted in my last two blog entries, and 1/3 of the comments I do have were made by yours truly. My entries may be unpleasant, but they're not dangerous.


My art topic, A Perfect Couple, has been dramatically updated and few people seem to care. I mean, there are still AC12 entries on the FIRST PAGE! I'm only on the second and I still get ignored!


While I'm at it, here's a link to my latest topic, Whekkies! Try to post on it before it drifts away.


Many things can be overlooked in our lives, but the work of a friendly blogger should not be one of them.


- :vahi:


EDIT: Noone has rated my blog, either. The shame...


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Patience, cher. You need 6 votes for it to register up on the corner.


Myself, I like to get a feel for a blog before voting it: If you insist on my vote, it will likely be an ugly one.


Earn 5 stars. Don't stamp your metaphoric foot for 2 stars.


-KIE, self-appointed unofficial blog sage :lookaround:

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As KIE said, patience is needed. Not every entry will interest people. And if it does interest people then they will probably post a comment in it.


Make friends and post what you want in your blog, try to post about things you like, a blog doesn't become popular overnight. Things like that will take some time. :)



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Sorry... I didn't realize it took so long to get the pretty rating stars. I didn't mean to sound impatient. :(


Anyway, the stars were just an off-topic thing. What really irked me was the fact that my art topic only gets reviewed a bit each time I update it, and most replies are short "That pic is good. I like (so-and-so)."-type posts. I also start to worry when my blog goes for so long without replies. Now, thanks to you, I know better. :)


Plus, I was afraid my blog had lost its touch, seeing as I got so many replies early on. I guess all of the ASOUE fans are too busy deciphering The End to bother posting here yet.


- :vahi:

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