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360 Is Back!



Got a replacement 360 from Microsoft (Check back a few blog posts to see what I'm talking about) also it was apparantly the 360 causing Left 4 Dead to not work.

I've only played Left 4 Dead for a few hours and I've picked up a few things.


1:The AI Director is sadistically evil.Especially in where he places witches. I had one in front of a safe room.

2:I hated the witches in the demo (mainly thanks to my freind due to an occurance in the demo) and I hate them in here. That's a problem cause I attack every Witch I see on some personal vendetta and they can easily kill me.

3:NEVER EVER trust the freindly AI in single player at the finale's of each campaign. Infact it would be easier to stay on your own and hide in a cuboard whilst they die.

4:Special Zombies annoy me when I'm alone and my AI Partners are off in the distance having a cup of tea.

5:Why can't the freindly AI shoot the special zombies when they pin you.They have to run up and shove them when they could easily pick them off from afar then run up and help it would be easier and I wouldn't lose as much health.


In other words play it online with people you can trust.




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