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Farshtey Feed (p171-174*)



Friday, April 17, 2009

• Vastus is a little younger than Tarix, Kiina is quite a bit younger than Tarix, but older than Gresh.
• The Book of Certavus is currently in Berix's possession.


• Greg, on the baterra's ability to vanish: "Works like this. You and a friend are walking through a forest. One of the trees is actually a shapeshifted baterra. It turns back into a baterra, attacks your friend. When you turn to see what's happening, it's a tree again, so it seems to have vanished."
• The baterra did not exist before the EP war. EP was not involved in their creation, and they might not even be biological beings at all. There is a reason they are so hostile, and they do not necessarily target only Skrall.
• Branar looks like a standard Skrall soldier.
• Surel is younger than Tarix and Certavus.
• Surel's biomechanical wolves are very old.
• During the war Element Lords were commanders of Glatorian.
• Element-based tribes existed prior to the Element Lords.
• Most special forces Skrall have names, but not all.
• The baterra's weapons shapeshift with them, as appendages of their body.


• The inhabitants of the Red Star have always resided there, and the Great Beings are aware of them. They are not baterra, Element Lords, or Great Beings.
• Mata Nui's creation was indirectly related to the EP war.
• The movie does not at all explore events prior to the Shattering.

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MN's creation is indirectly related to the EP war..? Weird...


I wonder how we're going to figure about the events before the Shattering, if it's not in the movie...

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