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Much Awesome To Be Had



Today's awesome is brought to you by:


...or something to that effect.


Anywho, today I got a chance to take a closer look at some Binkmeister Brickmaster scans we internet folks were offered. Spoilers are to follow, so I'll tag the following for your convenience:


» Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «
Mmm, I love the smell of convenience in the morning.


Anyway, the scans (which you've probably seen if you're bothering to read inside these spoiler tags) included an image of the Mata Nui set, some info about Mata Nui, and some pics of him from the upcoming movie BIONICLE: The Legend Reborn. The style appeals to my interests. Largely setlike, it may not have the independent charm the past movie styles have featured, but it allows the movie makers to stylize all characters consistently, rather than unevenly among the various species and series of set characters.


To sum up the character info, Mata Nui crash-lands on Bara Magna and joins the Glatorian. Basically what you knew all along. His weapon is, intriguingly, referred to as a "Scarab Shield"


But before we look any closer, let's do as I did and check the topic on the upcoming Brickmaster model, of which we shameless spoiler-hunters have probably already learned. It will apparently be a Scarabax Beetle (that creature which taunted us in the Glatorian promo image, sitting in the foreground oblivious to the walking dead that stood far behind). More importantly, according to the image we received, it will be a particular beetle by the name of Click.


Make all the Click/Klakk jokes you want, but such an endearing name is not typical for a mere creature, particularly one that already has a species name. It must be more important than that. And, after reading a post in another Scarabax topic (this one in the promotions forum), I finally took a closer look at the Brickmaster scan, and all was made clear.


The post in question expressed a desire for LEGO to have made the Scarabax model violet, as it would be in the movie. Obviously, the typer was a person who either spent more time around here and not on the spoiler-scant BS01, or they had looked at this image a lot harder than I have. In fact, I'm probably the last person to realize the fact I am about to reveal, so instead of grandstanding with this supposed discovery, let's jump back to that Scarab Shield.



Purple, buglike shield. Just what you'd expect from a tool with that name (aside from the purple bit). But wait, didn't someone say that the Scarabax was purple?



Looks like Ol' Goofy Grin knows more than he's telling us! Sitting on his shoulder is a small purple beetle-- undoubtedly a Scarabax, and quite probably the specimen known as Click. And Mata Nui and Click seem to be hitting it off like good chums.


Perhaps our pal the Ignika decided to make Mata Nui's new friend into a shield? Or perhaps it was not a decision, but rather one of those old-time country curses Iggy's so fond of. In fact, perhaps a cursed being became Mata Nui's new body as well-- anyone remember our nameless friend the Hero Agori?


The Scarabax model is rather lame based on the poor-quality image we have. The Scarabax itself, however, is as endearing a little bug friend as the Ussal, and our brightly-colored pal Click is shaping up to be the next Pewku. Regardless, it looks like the upcoming story is shaping up to be at least as dramatic-- if not more-- than the advent of BIONICLE, ushered in by a hero and his animal companion in a powerful realm which perhaps will never cease to surprise us.

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