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I Am Drowning In Pepsi!



So Pepsi is pairing with Harmonix to create one of the best promotions EVER. You buy a bottle of Pepsi, and get a code that can be redeemed for a chance at free stuff.


I've currently cashed in over 20 caps for free music. And I have another 18 bottles in the cupboard waiting to be chilled off. Thankfully it's not costing me any more than my regular pop consumption, and I'm trying to mix up Diet and regular to swap my mix of aspartame and sugar.


I have more songs than I know what to do with really.


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(You do know aspartame is bad for you and you'd be better off just with straight sugar, right?)

Um....really? How much worse?

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It'll give you cancer.

(Granted, the arguments I've heard are "oh well" and "well in the end I'm going to get cancer anyway" and whatnot. But still...isn't it better just to stick with sugar and work it off?)



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When I want bubbles, I get carbonated mineral water. Soft drinks are super-unhealthy across the board, whether they're sweetened with sugar, aspartame, or high-fructose corn syrup.


But as long as you're consuming that stuff, you might as well be getting free music! :D



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