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The Horrible Halloween



Dear Readers,

Seeing as its been 11 days since that special day we call Halloween, it's high time I give my unfortunate readers an update on the Halloween festivities.


My family's celebrations were premature, a word which here means "occurring earlier than is normal for such occasions." We went to a Halloween party at a friend's house on the 29th, and to celebrate the release of Book the 13th, Lyichir and I dressed up as two prominent characters from the novel, Olaf and Ishmael. You would probably rather not click the following links:

The World Is Quiet Here


Someone once stated that a picture is worth a thousand words, and so it is unnecessary for me to give you punctilious details such as "one eyebrow," "tattoo," "insignia," "bad hygiene," "no socks," "striped pants," "look out," or any of the other four thousand nine hundred and eighty-eight words that I could have used, if I had the villainous goal of making this entry an even more unpleasant experience than it already is.


About a year ago I had a similar but far more detailed costume that I wore on Celebrity Day at my school, which conveniently ran hand-in-hand with the release date of Book the Twelfth. I will try to find pictures of that costume as soon as possible.


Please check back for new entries and content blocks which may serve as reimbursement, a word that here means "repayment," for any grief you have sustained in reading this entry.


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time


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