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Sebald Code For Dummies



Hello. If you are reading this then you are not only in a large minority intent on self-inflicted misery, but you may also be a reader of my epic, Frost Rising. Regardless, you are probably interested in finding the answer to one question: What is Sebald Code?

Let's begin with a little history. Sebald code is named for its inventor, a volunteer named Dr. Gustav Sebald. Dr. Sebald was a reputed filmmaker who is well known for his production of movies such as Ghosts in the Desert, Goblins in the Garden, Mummies in the Jungle, Lions in the Mountains, Vampires in the Retirement Community, Leeches in the Lake, Werewolves in the Rain, Surgeons in the Theater, Gorillas in the Fog, Bats in the Train Station, Ants in the Fruit Salad, Zombies in the Snow, Hypnotists in the Office, Bigfoot in the Mall, Alligators in the Sewer, Realtors in the Cave, and The Littlest Elf. He was rarely featured in popular media besides his own, possibly due to his participation in the Volunteer Fire Department, yet his participation also earned him recognition on both sides of the schism that rocked its foundations. The Sebald Code was a method he invented to hide secret messages in his films, which were to be viewed by fellow volunteers to alert them of impending danger. Sadly, Dr. Sebald passed away for unknown reasons. Criminal activity such as arson or drowning is suspected, specifically from members from the opposite side of the schism.

The Sebald Code is an obcure code, yet a simple one to master. The Sebald Code is present in passages or films where it is introduced by the ringing of bell. The word immediately following the bell as well as every eleventh word afterwards are all code words. The coded message ends when another bell is rung. Therefore, if the passage in question was...

Suddenly, a doorbell rang. "Bionicle delivery for Mr. Lachrymose!"

Lachrymose opened it like a Tyrannosaurus Rex eating a meal. "Great!" he said. "It's my Barraki!" The likes of a child on Christmas, he poured out the pieces. "Cheese!" he exclaimed, the bell on his hat ringing. "Oh, sorry, it's only Carapar's head." He popped the head into his mouth. "Tastes like cheese though. Hey, this ammo looks like a leech!"

...then the secret message is "Bionicle Rex likes cheese," and you know that the Evil Lord Survurlode is planning an attack. However, if the passage was...

"Connor!" the mother's voice rang.

"Brakelattabasaasta," came the reply.


"My stomach wants you to please feed it. I'd also like you to do the same for me."

"O rly?" the mother said, ringing the kitchen bell.

"Ya rly."

...then the secret message is "brakelattabasaasta feed me," and you know that there is a villainous spammer who is out to get you.

With this knowledge in hand, please post comments in this entry, and practice your newfound skills decoding the secret message in Chapter Six of Frost Rising.


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time


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Jingle bells of the season ringing!

Cool! I didn't even know of the Sebald Cole until now. I think this will come in very handy for school, who knew? I am greatly looking forward to using a code like this. I hope my evil teachers and princibal do not know it. My little brother will have absolutely no clue what it is. And I might blog on this because this code is really silly. Everybody at school will think I am really awesome and cool.

There go those jingle bells ringing!


*whew! that was hard. hope you got it!*


So, I assume you have the Unauthorized Autobiography, and The Secrets Behind a Series of Unfortunate Events?



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No, I don't have "The Secrets of ASOUE." Sorry, I do. I forgot. Plus, you have one word two many before the last word of your coded message. But I do have "The Unauthorized Autobiography," from which I got the info on Sebald code and Dr. Sebald. I also have "The Puzzling Puzzles," a strange cross between book and movie canon, that teaches Sebald Code, how to make Puttanesca sauce (Which tastes good, although I prefer to put it in a food processor. It turns out brown and weird-looking, but it is smoother and still tastes good.), and many other skills that can prove beneficial to the training of a potential volunteer.


With all due respect,

:vahi: Aanchir: Rachira of Time

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