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I'm Still Alive!



I'm still alive. Things have been hectic around here, a combination of work....rec league sports (softball + volleyball)....and I've become a dang Achievement Hunter on the 360. It's become a lot of fun, got my completion to about 86% before I started the new Transformers game today.


I think I've become addicted to that little "Bee-bloop" sound that you when it pops a new one. And I've also started borrowing games from friends to get more. There's a 23% completion in Halo 3 that's bugging the heck out of me! Played it at a friend's house a few years back and now that's the one that's "bogging me down" so to speak!


Also, that War for Cybertron game is fun as all get out. It's nice to finally have a GOOD Transformers game to play!


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Two For One is a NIGHTMARE to get in H3. It's the only original achievement I don't have for that game... still missing some of the DLC ones.


I actually don't have 100% complete on any of my games, come to think of it. Closest I am is with Mass Effect 2 and Portal: Still Alive. I'm missing one from each of those.

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