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Summer Smash Wii U Online Tournament: Ascend to the Heavens!

MT Zehvor


So just like last December (but hopefully a bit more cohesively this time), some friends of mine and I will be hosting a staggered, double elimination Smash Bros Wii U tournament that'll be taking place over the summer.


Before going into detail, though, let me break down a bit of what that means.


Staggered means taking place over a long period of time as opposed to all in one day or one weekend. Basically this just means that it'll be over the summer, with players playing about one match per week, in order to allow for the largest amount of people to play. We all have different schedules, and while I'd love to host something in a small window of time, it seems like there is basically no good time that everyone can show up in.


Double Elimination means that you can lose twice before being knocked out, so if the RNG gods stick you with a tough matchup in the first round, don't worry. You won't get eliminated until you lose twice. This is different than a consolation bracket, because here, even if you lose, you still have a shot at winning the tournament as opposed to simply winning some sort of runner up award.


Ruleset's fairly straightforward, 2 stock, 6 minutes, no items, first to 3 wins wins the match, counterpicking stages after the first match. Stage List will be posted at a later date.


The tournament itself will begin in late May...which then brings up the question of why I'm advertising it in early April. The reason for that is...my PMship expires sometime soon and I'm not sure when.


If you're interested and/or have questions, let me know.



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