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14 Years

Pahrak Model ZX


Man, fourteen whole years on BZPower. As is now tradition, a look back at what I did in the most recent of these years:


-I almost forgot about Slizer Mafia: The Final Refrain. Uh, I think it was alright? Maybe? Not sure it was my best run as a Mafia host, but at least it finally gave real closure to Slizer Mafia’s story.


-While it, ah, hasn’t actually gotten off the ground yet, I did do a bit of work on the concept of the world of Olkir. The Principles of Flame and The Twins of Justice are, eh…okay. Olkir Tournament was fun. Kinda wish I had gone on to actually do a full story set in this world, but unfortunately it’s warming a shelf right now as I focus on other projects. Hopefully someday I’ll get back to it.


-I also wrote Out of Bounds, posting all five parts back during last October. I’d been wanting to do another Vhisola-centric story for quite some time, and I’m actually quite pleased with the results! It could definitely use improvements of course, but I’m kind of proud of how deep I was able to dig into Vhisola, a one-off character we haven’t seen since around when I joined this site. I never expected her to become one of my favorite characters, but here we are.


-Finally truly got started on Shooting Star Sonia 3: Red Joker, which is already longer than the first story in the series and still has quite a ways to go. Honestly it feels a bit daunting to think of how much work remains, but y’know, it also feels like I’m really getting a good handle on this story, how to pace it, how to handle the characters, and that it’s coming together better than the first two did. Like it’s a more complete story somehow? I dunno, it’s a good feeling, I’m going to keep at it.


-I participated in the Fanfic Exchange and wrote The Gargoyle Knight, which led to me starting Right of Law, my biggest Bionicle undertaking thus far and the first time since the FFFC that one of my stories has been featured on the home page! I had way more fun than I expected just thinking about what could happen in the Melding Universe, and it’s been great fleshing many of those ideas out! It’s taken a while to really get into the thick of things, but hopefully the wait has been worth it—big things are on the way, and I’ll continue to strive to make this story as entertaining as I possibly can!


So I guess it’s mostly been a select few rather large projects. I’m okay with that. Rounding out 2018 and heading into 2019, I will of course be continuing Red Joker and Right of Law, but other than that I don’t really have any plans. I’m already putting a lot of work into those stories, as well one or two off-site projects (if I can motivate myself I could actually maybe write something original), and with the way Right of Law is, I’m kind of focusing any and all Bionicle-related thoughts I have into it in the hopes of working out all the details and polish I need to really make it shine. But who knows, I always have liked indulging in random ideas that pop up with little warning. Those such stories from this past year have mostly been absent from BZP since many haven’t been Bionicle-related, but…who knows, if I come up with something I really like I might see how it fares in OTC. Stay tuned!

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