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My father's new 4G Flip Phone

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Jean Valjean


:kaukau: For those of you who have been following my chronicles of the Adventures of Fliposaurus, my father still has a flip phone. Bless his heart. I envy him, in a way. This last week, both of us ended up losing our phones due to incremental damage. I replaced mine with an LG Stylo 4. It's a model from last year. Nice stylus. I really like it. Also, far more appealing than the Aristo, as far as aesthetics go. My father? He got himself a flip phone...with 4G!


That sucker's going to last a while. It's going to be like the Japanese on Iwo Jima. No amount of bombardments are going to snuff it out. It's only going to go down the hard way. This old man is going to continue with his Fliposaurus for the next decade, at least. I'm trying to imagine his first smartphone being the iPhone 30, or iPhone XXX, or whatever they call it. Presuming there's still an iPhone by then. I'm just going to assume that they'll have some sort of personal device that's controlled directly by the brain.


In other news, I was in the same room as someone who watched a low-quality pirated version of Captain Marvel. With Russian subtitles. Honestly, I think I kind of enjoyed it more with low resolution and brightness settings turned down low. Probably has to do with it resembling some of the VHS I grew up with.



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