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The Characters Of Bionicle- Toa Vakama

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To continue my look into the world of Bioncle I will discuss Vakama, and all his aspects. He has to be the most intriguing character of the entire series. From his first appearance I could have never expected Vakama to have been a villain in the past. That's just epic, as I said before. No matter what anyone states when you look at it from a 2001 standpoint, it's just a shock, and a darn good one.


Vakama is the most troubled Toa we have ever seen. He didn't want to lead, self-doubt over-took him. And he had the worst temper and anger problems there is. The makings of a fine character. Vakama is the Anti-Hero within the world of Bionicle.


But through all the troubles and trials that he faced. Vakama stepped up and became one of the greatest Toa. He became a hero, saved all the Matoran, and prevented the end of all time as they knew it. Even with all odds against him. The other Toa had no trust within Vakama, nor did they even believe he could lead them.


Vakama succeeded. And is now the wisest Turaga. But in his heart he holds the greatest regret. Deep down he knows the others will always look at him differently. But he stands above it. Vakama realized it's not about what others think. It's about who he was to himself. He is a hero like no other Toa.


The most complex within all of Bionicle. Vakama, you are the greatest. And he is what made 2004-2005, the Greatest Years Of Bionicle.

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