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Farshtey Feed (p188-189*)

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Friday, June 12, 2009

ATTENTION: There will be NO Farshtey Feed entry next Friday. The Feed should resume the next Friday.

• Greg: "Spherus Magna broke up into three pieces. Since the desert known as Bara Magna makes up the largest portion of this chunk, the residents of that chunk call the entire place Bara Magna. Outside of the mountains to the north, there really isn't a lot there besides the desert."


• The GBs knew what was going to happen to the planet as a result of the war before they started building Mata Nui. Mata Nui was a revisit of an old project of theirs that had been built using materials other than protodermis and EP. The giant machine parts on Bara Magna are the result of this.

• Greg: "Kiina is aggressive ... in our world, aggressive men are rewarded, aggressive women are often called names. Not much different on Bara Magna." "[Aggression is frowned on n]ot in the arena, but out of it, yes. Plus, Kiina's whole thing is that she wants off the planet, and after a while, people get tired of her going on about it."
• Greg: "The Glatorian did, pre-Shattering, have some elemental weapons, but the "charges" on those weapons ran out long ago."
• The soldiers trapped in the Forest of Blades are of the Glatorian species.

• It is possible that more leader Skrall could come into being.
• Skrall have always been allied with the Rock Agori.
• Female Skrall do not aid Skrall warriors, are not part of any chain of command, and are not even allowed in Roxtus.
• Female Rock Agori are not forbidden from residing in the city as female Skrall are.
• The absence of female Skrall in Roxtus is not an issue of sexism. The females don't want to be around the males anymore than the males want them around, and it's always been this way. Not really that much different from many species in our world, where the males and females do not spend any more time together than they absolutely have to.
• Before the baterra attack, each leader Skrall commanded a legion.
• During the Core War, the Element Lord of Rock commanded the tribe with leader Skrall acting as generals.
• Greg, when asked if the female Skrall have adopted pacifism: "<--- rolling on the floor laughing ... oh, no."

• The force blasters on the vehicles hit a target with explosive force.
• The Kaxium V3 can function as two separate vehicles.

• An Element Lord's elemental power is stronger than that of a Toa. Element Lords don't really have the need to do a nova blast, because they can achieve the same effects without draining all their energy. Greg: "As for time[-delay] blasts, I tend to doubt it, they are not that subtle."
• Greg, on the Element Lords' physical strength: "Too soon to speculate on that. I don't, however, see the ELs as having much in the way of machine parts."
• The Element Lords coexisted peacefully for ages before EP was discovered.

• Greg: "I am not aware of krana changing color when they are on someone's face, only when they go from a Bohrok Va to a Bohrok."
• Mata Nui did not invent the three virtues. They were part of the programming given to him by the GBs, most likely intended for his use.
• Mata Nui had the ability to terraform planets.
• Greg, on the use of EP in Mata Nui: "[The Great Beings] needed a power source more stable than the one they had tried using before. EP is not, by nature, unstable -- it's not explosive -- its effects are actually quite predictable in a way, transform or destroy, no middle ground."
• Greg: "[A]fter 100,000 years of operation, perhaps the MN body is no longer so dependent on EP, or is capable of synthesizing its own. We know that research was being done on artificial EP in the Matoran universe."
• Mata Nui's original body apparently has some sort of ejection system which Teridax used to fling the Ignika into space.
• Greg, on the mention of Teridax using other Makuta to mass-produce Kraata in the guidebook: "t means that at the time the book was set -- just as Makuta took control and in the immediate aftermath -- there were still Makuta alive in the universe. There aren't now, other than Miserix, who can't be used for anything without him realizing he isn't really wall art."


• Spherus Magna is whole in the dimension Vezon is visiting.
• The labyrinthine fortress Mazeka visited in an alternate dimension was not the same landmark known as the Valley of the Maze, nor was it in Bara Magna or the Black Spikes region.
• Papercutz Graphic Novel #8 will contain three 25-page stories -- one on the Core War and Shattering, one on Malum's exile, and one on the Skrall's battles with the baterra.

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Mata Nui had the ability to terraform planets.


Cool, kind of like the Yuuzhan Vong from Star Wars.

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