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  1. These are some really good photos, we can finally see the details. Of the summer sets, I'm probably only getting Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder. Luckily, my favourite villain of the wave is packed with Ekimu and the Mask of Creation. I noticed some of the new parts look rather matte / grainy, though. I'm guessing they're 3D printed, but if not, I rather like the look of it on the skull masks. Also, did anyone notice the small TV logo on the Mask Maker vs. Skull Grinder display card? It says "Aug Oct" on it. Could we possibly be seeing Bionicle episodes hit television screens in August and October?
  2. My first was Lewa Nuva, a birthday present from my uncle. If it weren't for that, my life would probably be quite different than it is now.
  3. 1. Tahu 2. Kopaka . . 3. Onua . . . . . 4. Gali 5. Pohatu 6. Lewa
  4. I have NEVER seen nor read any of the books. Not a single one. Seven-year-old me had no clue how the Inika managed with each other, and how they fought against the Piraka. Eight-year-old me didn't know Maxilos was actually Makuta, and nine-year-old me didn't know Gorast was a girl. The movies were global. The books, nope. There's a reason why I remember 2003-2005 better than other story years. I didn't read the books until last year. And I will tell you all that things are by far better pictured in the books than would have been (correctly) pictured in the movies. I'll take as a example the third movie. The book preceding it ends in an epic battle of titans while the toa are struggling to manage their hordika side. Then, because of the movie, the next book goes back ALL THE WAY until the Toa Metru arrived back at Metru Nui. The movies degraded the story by adding weak and lame events and characterizations (Takua from MoL is NOTHING like Takua from the other media) I think that hurts the story A LOT. I understand what you mean but I think in the long run is better no movies at all than bad movies. Personally, I really liked the movies (except for Web of Shadows). If I ever feel like reliving a moment of Bionicle, that's what I go to. It's so much more tasking to marathon the books than to marathon movies or a TV series, and I would have really liked to have that option for Bionicle's entire run, even if it wasn't quite as deep as the novels. Plus, there are the visual and auditory elements, which are difficult to replace even with imagination.
  5. 2001 - 2003 would've been better if the Toa could turn their heads and hold their arms up. 2003 would've been better if the Bohrok-Kal flash animations were more fleshed out, and if the Kal sets had more new elements to distinguish themselves from the Bohrok. 2004 would've been better if the Toa Metru had more unique builds, and could hold their arms up. 2005 would've been better if there were more heroic-looking sets (back then I was the type of kid who predominantly bought the good guys, and the majority looked like monsters; I actually lost interest in Bionicle for over a year). 2006 would've been better if the Inika had more unique builds, and had traditional heads and masks. 2007 would've been better if the lime green limbs weren't so brittle. 2008 would've been better if the Phantoka and Mistika Toa actually looked like the characters they were supposed to be. 2009 would've been better if the disassociation of element and gender was used to have more female characters instead of less. 2010 would've been better if the line wasn't cancelled prematurely (If I remember correctly, Greg Farshtey had a story outlined for a few more years), or at least if we got full-sized sets or a movie (it would've been epic); AND if new story serials weren't started just to be abandoned. I could go on, but it just gets me down thinking about it. 2015 would've been better if there were mask packs (I could say the same for any year after 2003 really, but 2015's nostalgia factor just demands it), if Gali's and especially Lewa's masks were more faithful to the originals, if the concept of non-elemental mask powers was retained, if the protectors and villagers had unique identities, if the story animations had more depth (unless they're planning for another medium to serve that purpose), and if the line was launched more ceremoniously. At least it's not over yet.
  6. If you mean VenomMyotismon, I had the exact same thought when I saw it. It must be those big stompers of his Imagine using the Skull spider face on his lower waste, it would be a splitting image.
  7. I'm guessing they chose to use the gold Kaukau as a way to promote MOCing with the new sets, or to match the shade of gold on the armour. Although, of the newly released masks, I can't argue with the choice.
  8. By "official" I meant something that one might expect LEGO to post instructions for online. I am totally looking forward to Takanuva's entry into the new canon, but I know this isn't it.
  9. I was surprised to see my all-time favourite Bionicle showdown at the Fairview Mall LEGO Store in Toronto this past Saturday. However, I don't know how "official" this is. It says it was built by a Master Builder, but I don't know if this is just a one-off creation for this store only, or if the instructions came from higher up. Regardless, I just thought you would like to see it.
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