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  1. -Snip- (insert review here)


    I'm glad you enjoyed it! 


    It looks like you ended up with one of the glitched saves; the snapshots broke the three masks that you mentioned in the initial save and I had to go back in and fix it(as seen in that one post). Unfortunately, the save that I hastily posted to start with was still bugged, and you may have downloaded that one as well. In fact, I'm kind of worried that the current save is bugged as well... I'll have to double check that as soon as I'm done stressing over studying for exams. 


    That new ranged skeleton AI is exceedingly tough; made the warriors a lot stronger than I initially intended(and to think that I was going to make the archers apply slowness as well!). I'm not terribly surprised that it was easy to beat on Slicer and Basher with multiple people(I suppose that's actually somewhat story accurate). That said, I might buff them up a bit in the next update. 


    Out of curiosity, did Kulta manage to don the MoC in your fight, or did you take him down too quickly? I was a little worried that he'd go down too fast with multiple opponents... 


    Oh, and Kulta is technically a wither skeleton.

  2. This is rather embarrassing. 


    A couple snapshots ago, Mojang gave the go-ahead to map makers, but evidently they're still messing with command formats. 


    So yeah, hotfix time. :confused:


    It's not actually anything too big; the only thing it's broken(as far as I can tell) is the mask of ice's shield particles and the mask of Jungle's charged-up particles. That said, you may still want to get the new version if you haven't already started playing the map.(or you can just stay in a slightly older snapshot) 




  3. Hello, everyone! I haven't been active on BZP for quite some time now, but I felt that it might be worthwhile to share my project with you folks

    (especially seeing as I've already posted it on other sites). So, without further adieu, I give you my...


    Okoto Minecraft Map




    My goal in creating this world was to make a virtual representation of Okoto that features everything that we've actually seen in the story, as well as give players the chance to traverse the island on their own accord. It's kind of like an experiment in that it shows us exactly how much we've truly learned about the island.


    Here's what you can expect to find...


    The City of the Mask Makers:





    And yes, most of the undead are present! Unfortunately, I was unable to make Scorpio happen. There's just nothing in game that looks remotely like him. 



    The skull warriors spawn in waves(as long as there is someone within 50 meters of the gate). 



    Skull Slicer can be summoned in the arena! He boasts more health than a normal skeleton and will occasionally use a grabber whirlwind attack to try and pull you in. He usually drops his grabber claw upon death. 






    Kulta is found in the forge. By default he has 100 health and will occasionally use his Mask Steal attack(which breaks nearby players' headgear. This includes masks!) He also gains significant speed, strength, and regen buffs after donning the mask of creation, not to mention the inherent protection bonus. 


    Whoops! Forgot to mention that Kulta drops The Mask Stealer Staff which, after being held for a sufficient period of time, charges up the same attack that Kulta can use on you. You'll begin to see red particles around you when it's ready, then all you have to do is sneak! 


    If you beat him after he puts on the MoC, he will drop that as well. Given how poorly documented its powers are, I just gave it a protection 10 enchantment. It's nothing fancy, but it's better than a diamond helmet at the very least. 


    Skull Basher is around too. I'll let him find you



    Mask Shrines and Powers


    All of the island's mask shrines are present. It would also seem that the Toa have left behind their basic masks... Perhaps these will be of use to you?


    Bear in mind that I took these screenshots before I implemented the masks, so they aren't on the pedestals. Don't worry, they will be there in game. 














    For the record, I'm not really sure why the images are all different sizes


    Here are the abilities granted by the masks: 


    -Holding Sneak with the mask of stone donned will activate the sandstorm tornado ability and lift you into the air!

    -Sprinting with the mask of air for extended periods of time will build up a speed and jump boost, eventually allowing you to clear huge tracts of land in a single bound!

    -Holding sneak for a(particularly long) period of time with the mask of ice equipped will charge up and project an elemental ice shield around the wearer.

    -Holding sneak for a short period of time with the mask of water donned will activate the tidal dash ability, giving the wearer speed, strength, and regeneration for 10 seconds. Additionally, the mask of water greatly improves swim speed.

    -Once a player has worn the mask of earth for a certain length of time, they will begin to emit purple particles. This indicates that, upon sneaking, they will create a tremor in the ground around them and pull nearby entities under.

    -The mask of fire functions in a similar fashion to the mask of earth; after an extended period of time with the mask on, the player will begin to emit flame particles. This means that, upon sneaking, they will release a burst of flame in multiple directions and create a blazing inferno around them.(Be advised; this one is somewhat buggy and may cause lag issues if used too often.)


    did film myself demonstrating each mask, but for whatever reason the files got corrupted. I'll give it another go at some point, but for now I'll just leave you with footage of the mask of stone:


    Additional notable locations:


    There are a few other places worth traveling to...












    If you're interested in seeing the map firsthand, you can download it...



    Make sure that you play it in the 1.9 snapshots, otherwise it will not work! 


    Lastly, here's an overview of the map(as seen in worldpainter). Disregard the lack of snow in that render; it didn't account for biomes. 



    Thanks for stopping by!




    Edit: Spoiler tags converted to "more" tags; please use spoiler tags for storyline spoilers only!


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    What if Matoro was the main villain?

    I would not enjoy that what so ever. It would make his memorable sacrifice pathetic. Please, just, no.


    Would it make a difference if he couldn't help it?


    Might as well say that Tahu is the main villain. That Golden Armor of his did absorb all the abilities of the killed Kraata.


    All of 1 ability? I'm pretty sure there were only heat vision Rahkshi on Bara Magna. :P


    But yeah, I agree. Why(and how) would Matoro be the villain?

  5. That shoulder design just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. Also, I have to say that the dark azure is the perfect color for Tamaru's secondary. (see?)


    The headcanon is an interesting idea, and I must admit that I've always thought of Tamaru as looking a bit feminine (albeit just because of the mask). 

  6. >Thinks, hey I wonder how bzp is doing.

    >Looks at this.

    >Reads it all.

    >Get to were everyone starts acting like a moron.


    >Goes to botnet

    >Enters !Flood -syn @bzpower.com:80 &204


    >Realize I don't have bzp's core ip address, and can't run the syn flood.

    >I need to stop all this cool dudery.

    >What the karz.

    >Not only are they sexist.

    >They belive everything a russian supply store log tells them.  The even ignore the obvious way this was faked.

    >The metadata that proofs that photoshop was used.


    >This must be stopped.


    >A̪̫ͮͯ͑͐̽͂̊l͛ͯ̾͑ḽ̪̭̤̺̫̬̆͌ͣ̿͊̈ ͚̬͍̦̥͎͙̎̿ő͖͈̮̩͖̟ͥ͗ͣ͛͂͑f̪͔̲ͫ͒̆͐ͅ ͉̦̮̪͈̪̮̿̓̉͗ͯì̫̪͈͖͉̖ț͚̭̳̩̒̒ͪ̈̚!̖̫̠̠͚̩̼̎̐



    >Ṅ͖͉̙̩̰̮̦̳ͫͫ͂ͥ͋̈̐͊͢O͙̳͍̳̜͎͍̒ͥ̉̿ͯ͘ͅẠ̡̗͔̟̩ͦ́̊̈̐ ͥ͂̈̾ͅN̹̪̖̙͐̍̈́̈ͩ̎͜͝Ö̟̲̺́̓ͩ̃ͬ͊͗̒́͡W̶̝̮ͪ̂̄͢!̲ͨ̈̚















    Edit: >500 kB image linked, filter bypass removed.



    Hey. Don't kill my moment. 


    Not sure where people got the notion that Lewas mask is brown. Some person said that Brickipedia told him Lewa is green and brown, and it all blew up from there. :P

  7. I could care less about whether Pohatu is orange or brown. What matters more to me is how similar the new mask molds are to the old ones.


    Another thing, I really hope it's a continuation rather than a complete restart. First of all, that would be putting the MU cat back in it's bag. New fans that are even the slightest bit dedicated can just learn the big secret by typing in "www.biosector01.com" and looking up "Mata Nui". If they are really dedicated, they can learn the entire story before lego even gets to it! I really hope they just retcon out greg's loose ends (Kopaka and Pohatu on the red star, The Yesterday Quest, and the gold being), and just make Spherus Magna an established world (perhaps 20-30 years after the end of the original Bionicle), that way newcomers can look up the past, but don't necessarily have to know it. It's just there to help get them familiar with the characters and references to the past. Also, I support the Makuta Cultists. As I mentioned before it could be a big mystery spanning a few years as to what the bad guys are actually trying to accomplish, all leading up to the reintroduction of Makuta. They could even give him that "force of nature" feel that he had in 2001! It wouldn't make him feel like a bad guy that just keeps coming back (especially to the new fans), because A, this would be a revival(not a "oh haha jk! I got you! Didn't actually die in 2010! Psyche!", but rather he DID die and is revived.) and B, this would be the first time we've seen him since 2010. It wouldn't be immediate, I'd give it at least 3 years. 


    Anyways, I'm just barfing up ideas at this point. :)

  8. I know this discussion is a few pages back, but I, for one would like them to bring back Makuta. Perhaps not right away, maybe in a couple years. I kind of like Aanchir's idea of a cultist group of baddies that are devoted to, and eventually find a way to revive Makuta. Until then there could be vague references to the master of shadows returning and it could be a sort of unraveling mystery as to who or what whatever prophecy and the cultist are talking about. 


    To be fair, I just reread Time Trap, so I'm kind of biased about wanting Makuta back. He was portrayed so well in it.   :infected:

  9. I imagine there might be some trouble, but if thousands of the perfect workers showed up to a society in need of a complete reconstruction infrastructure wise, I imagine the help would be welcome. Of course, on the same token, there are gangs of warlike Skakdi, 5/6 Barraki warlords, The Dark Hunters, a very unhappy Velika, and other individual bad guys, not to mention a world's worth of wild animals(some of which are very dangerous; Visorak and Crystal Serpents come to mind), there's bound to be some trouble. And while that's bad for both civilizations, it gives them more of a reason to band together.


    So, no I don't think there will be too many problems. Besides, the Agori will be quite the minority. I doubt they would even make a dent in the Matoran population if they collectively decided to start a war.

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