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Spyrius Flier And Space Police Outpost

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I spelled flyer incorrectly, didn't I?During the downtime, I put a lot of time into MOCing and building with my collection. I already posted Lego Racers, but I thought I'd post these two more creations, both Space themed.First Is this Spyrius Flier:a.jpgFrontSideBackThe landing gear is retractable.It occurred to me after finishing this that Spyrius has no use for a fighter like this- all of their sets centered around observing with flying saucers and then moving in to steal the satellites with giant robots. I did my best to remedy this fact by adding a satellite grabbing arm. :P It hides underneath the flier and folds out.Here's a shot of the whole thing with the landing gear up.Next is this Space Police outpost:a.jpgThe idea behind this one is a modern Space Police officer discovering this long forgotten outpost. Inside, an old officer is still at work.This was one of my first attempts to make a larger model. I think it turned out alright, but I wish I had more tiles to smooth it over...FrontBackTopThe windows open. So does the door.SatelliteThe roof is removable.InteriorBedroomThat Blacktron looks like he's been in there a while...ControlsSome sort of spinning thingComments and criticism greatly appreciated.

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