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  1. Wow this better than I could hope for.

    Great job lady K!

    OMG thank you so much for your kind words!



    Hey guys! I'm currently updating the first page to contain all art, current pages, and general updated information. Thought that would help some folks.


    Also I forgot to show this piece to everyone! Click to see the larger version.


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  2. I can't view catalystwebcomic.com or the separate links you've provided. Is the site down?

    Sorry it took me forever to get back to you and well...everyone. Life is kind of a shambling mess, haha.


    I'll see what I can do and fix the issue. Not sure why the link isn't working but we'll get this sorted!

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  3. After wrestling to get this comic out for a variety of reasons, I finally did it. I want to thank everyone for their patience and encouragement!

    You can read the comic here.


    • Weekly updates on Wednesday + random updates in between.
    • There’s still a few quirks on the site I’m fixing. Apologies!
    • Comments are appreciated!
    • If there’s any concerns, questions, or the like, do not hesitate to let me know!

    Alternatively, here are the first pages:




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  4. The makuta head concepts give off this impression that I've seen before in Ganondorf appearance. :) Thumbs up to you! 

    Hoping your health doesn't linger forever. :/

    Thank you kindly for the compliment! I'd say I found inspiration for Makuta mixing a bit of Ganondorf and Count Dooku.

    And sadly my health problems are chronic. ): But I'm still trying my best to fight back and find a healthy balance.



    Looking good, LK! ^^


    Don't worry too much about release dates; taking care of yourself is more important. :)



    Thank you, Inferna! I agree. Taking care of myself takes precedence. Sadly I wish I could squeeze in more time to art!




    Okay guys! Just updating to say I finally have a stable release date. The entire prologue (roughly 15 pages) will be released August 2nd. It coincides with Brickfair Virginia! Chapter 1 will then be updated everyday during Brickfair (until the 6th). From there, the updates will slow down to twice or three times a week, with the occasional break to keep a healthy buffer up.

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  5. Blast from the past!


    I stream regularly with art, and someone requested I draw my old persona of 'Lady Kopaka'. In the process, I based it off an 2006 image too.


    Done in Photoshop CC2017, about two hours to complete? Nothing fancy. However, it was good nostalgia. Cheers!




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  6. Hey man. The art is fantastic--I think my favourite part about it is the sense of encased/closed composition, which is a interesting contrast for Lewa, but it works super well. Seriously looks like the legit concept art. I honestly exhaled in like...a sense of relief in seeing your art. It's hard to explain. It's likely a sense of nostalgia and 'dang I really love seeing this kind of quality work'.


    Hope you've been well. I've been so out of it and my memory issues haven't helped either. Thank you for giving me a sense of good feels on BZP again.

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  7. I think you succeeded well in the unique style twist. Much more robotic--definitely a more sci-fi appeal than either humanized or normal Bionicle depictions. Very good work. And I appreciate your solid understanding of shading, shadowing. I would say to risk doing more contrast, but I do like the faded appearance.


    Glad to see you still drawing. We should catch up sometime. (:

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  8. Hi there,


    I just want to tell you that you're such an amazing artist. =D


    I also like this whole idea you have going on here. I've seen a bunch of amazing human conversions of BIONICLE characters over at deviantArt, so I'm really looking forward to this one :D

    Hi! I greatly appreciate the compliment.


    Some updates:

    - I'm building a personal website for when the comic actually appears. In the long run it saved me a lot of trouble than attempting to post it in twenty different sites. I don't think there should be any issues with me linking it? If so I'll work something out with moderators.

    - A short comic series should appear before the actual release of Catalyst. Mostly to dip my toes into the whole comicking business.

    - I suppose it's apparent I'm behind on the actual release. Oops. Sorry guys. Health has been finicky. I really have no ETA now on release, but it will be coming out this year. Delays stink, I know.

    - I think that's all the news I really have?


    Anyway, here's some recent art:






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  9. This should be very interesting.

    Will you put a character chart to show who's who?


    No worries. When content begins to show in the next few weeks that I'll make it clear to who is who.

  10. Hey all! It's been awhile!


    Update on the comic:

    - Started the script. Slated to be finished in December and the actual comic (prologue) will appear in late January.

    - Almost done with most character designs. Most. There's so many characters!

    - I'll do my best to post more art here. A lot of the development art is being held for Patreon (not sure if I can link that here). I'll see about giving some exclusive rights to BZP for early access.


    Here's some development art:






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  11. Okay, thanks so much SPIRIT! Bless you, coming and saving the day.


    So the beginning totally makes sense. We discussed and covered that, and thanks to your elaboration (that death tornado, man) isn't as plot-holey as we feared.


    But why didn't they just take six matoran back after defeating Makuta? The trusting of the vision thing makes sense, but how did they know the Visorak would be a thing? It would had been much easier to just go back and keep everyone in one place, right?


    According to the timeline, they load the six matoran, they make their way out, death tornado, fight makuta, protodermis cage--and instead of taking the matoran back, they instead journey with -just- six matoran to scout out a place, (go through a whole ordeal with six eternally sleeping matoran) and then go all the way back?


    So overall, makes sense, buuuutttt...


    Dume, Rahaga, Keetongu, some rahi, had to stay in this uninhabitable place for a long time when maybe it would had made so much more sense to have th Matoran awaken there and help rebuild everything. Granted, no one knew about Dark Hunters or Visorak. But all the more reason to stay and defend it, right?


    Narrative wise makes sense. We needed to get to Mata Nui for the story, but why did no one ever question Vakama's vision and decision? It seems it would go really against a lot of their intellectual and independent nature.

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  12. Hey guys! I really need your help! I couldn't find this information through bS01, bzpower, and elsewhere.


    A friend and I have been happily talking and discussing the Bionicle storyline (G1). It's been fun in a nostalgia sense as well as preparing for my upcoming project 'BIONICLE: Catalyst'. Uh oh, though! Found a issue! I think.


    Can you guys, please explain to me why the Toa Metru moved the matoran to Mata Nui? What was the specific reason they had or wanted to move? Why didn't they just awake the Matoran in Metru Nui after stopping the Makuta or Visorak?


    We are very confused here and would loved if this was cleared up! Thanks!

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  13. Hey Taka Nuvia! It's great to see you still doing art!


    I really like this--keeping the composition partial to the overall body makes it looks like it's coming out from the darkness. The line weight is excellent and keeping everything greyscale helps with the eeriness. It has a nice custom look while still retaining a vision of Bionicle.


    Keep it up! We have to catch up sometime. (:

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  14. www.catalystwebcomic.com


    BIONICLE: Catalyst is a personal/self-indulgent project of freelance artist Lady Kopaka/Susannah L. A rewrite of the G1 BIONICLE ending. In an alternate universe, it focuses on the heroes and villains of the Matoran Universe. Makuta has won, Mata Nui seemingly vanished, allies are scattered, and demise is imminent. Tensions run high as the fate of their universe rest in broken hands.

    - PAGES -
     39640179401_a55479e69e_n.jpg38931728574_6aaf04b24f_n.jpg  39640179351_e583343aa1_n.jpg
    23928397942_b7e9a6b0c4_q.jpg 23409807793_60f358541a_q.jpg 23410597003_992769cf3c_q.jpg  23928477552_349733a754_q.jpg 23928489682_183564e2e8_q.jpg
    23408342604_f185d05221_q.jpg 23409810863_999c6f11b7_q.jpg 24036583985_916b9a17bb_q.jpg  23408367924_7539306a88_q.jpg  28652630366_a44d1b4ace_q.jpg
    28068713083_f021a7787d_q.jpg 28652633506_fd42e0b02c_q.jpg 28068697283_fd0735fe7a_q.jpg

    28684555915_d31aa291a4_q.jpg 28068583103_723f9c3a92_q.jpg 28068582913_a407b187ee_q.jpg24771483057_158f98f38b_q.jpg

    BIONICLE © LEGO | Catalyst and related artworks © Susannah Livengood

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  15. Some recent art, since I think my last 'official' topic died. Click the thumbnails for the large image.


    23408342604_f185d05221_q.jpg This is a somewhat final design of my human Zaktan for my AU. There's a pretty cool story as to why he doesn't look as 'monstrous' as the rest of his species, but I'm shy to share it.


    23954014341_24f79d91c0_q.jpg Kiina. I'm not very proud of the wonky anatomy, but just gotta practice.


    23409769233_7e4a957500_q.jpg Sorry about the misspelling. A page from the scene in 'Time Trap'. Was testing the waters for comicking. I wish I could do a large scale HB comic series.


    23410597003_992769cf3c_q.jpg Hafu being....Hafu.


    23928489682_ea2e32a688_q.jpg For the Journey to One contest. I wasn't able to enter due to health and time, but this is as far as I got.


    24036555785_342360abfc_q.jpg Done for friends for their Bionicle AU. She's part of some cult and purposely has blinded herself in pursuit of enlightenment.


    23929204422_6881cdba72_q.jpgQuick sketch of a earth toa that I did for a group project.


    23409147064_62dd67199a_q.jpg Secret Santa gift for Master Inika! It's Kopeke. A mix of movie and set style.

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