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Alaskan Logic


Gedorna Toa Of Gravity

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 50 views
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Gedorna toa of gravity
Gedorna was a ba-matoran from lihkans home land before becoming a toa. He knew lihkan from when he was a matoran. While Gedorna was a matoran he encountered he toa named laviki that taught him some basic combat skills. Gedorna eventually took the role of guardian of his home island after becoming a toa. During his time as sole guardian he fought off an invasion of 200 visorak and prevented a flood from destroying the village by using gravity to uproot trees and boulders to create a makeshift dam. Although he never was comfortable with sharing the role of guardian so when more toa came to help him he took it as a sign that the matoran were not appreciative of his help and left the village in search of someone who was in need of help but never stayed long.
Gedorna wields a light but sturdy sword along with a projectile weapon that fires bolts of energy. For a kanohi he wears a mask of growth.
Too many gedorna seems a bit pushy but during a fight he will fight fiercely even sacrificing him self for his comrades.


Phuna Toa Of Lightning

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 53 views
and 1 more...

Phuna toa of lightning
Phuna was a matoran of lightning from the island of artahka. Phuna had always wanted to escape from artahka. During the raid on artahka she escaped via a boat she found on the north coast of the island. As she was sailing to the closest island she was stopped by a toa of gravity that introduced himself as laviki and was told that she would be needed for a great mission. Before she could ask him any questions he threw a medium sized transparent purple rock into her boat and sped away. It took her 3 days to find an island. Once she set foot on the northern continent she felt an unnatural pull towards a village that was almost empty except for 4 buildings and a suva. Then traveled over to the suva even as eyes watched from every hut. She then placed the stone into a niche in the suva the exact size of the stone. As soon as she put the stone into the slot a bolt of energy surged through the stone and into her body knocking her unconscious. She woke up in one of the huts with several matoran of plant life looking at her she sat up on the bed and she realized she had transformed into a toa. As soon as she got up one of the matoran of plant life brought her over what he called the pronged axe. And he said it was hers. She eventually left the village although to her dismay she realized she was just as clumsy as she had been as a matoran. Although after falling and tripping so many times she got angry and unintentionally activated her mask. She has since been traveling across the matoran universe seeking villages that need help. She also was one of the toa who fought in the toa dark hunters war.
As a toa of lightning she can control electricity.
Phuna wields a weapon dubbed the pronged axe which allows her to use the prong to always keep a small amount of electrical charge in it acting similar to a taser. And the axe can cut through a 2 foot thick tree in one swipe. She wears a mask of accuracy.


Granato Toa Of Plantlife

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 46 views
and 1 more...

Granato toa of plant life
Granato originates from the northern continent where for 60,000 years he trained and protected a village with his teacher and friend felota, a toa of magnetism. For their time together they fought off rahi, helped prevent a fire from consuming the ba-matoran village. About 30,500 years ago felota told granato that he would be gone for 1 year and that granato must stay at the village at all cost. 1 year turned into 5 years eventually after 10 years a group of frostelus came to the village requesting a meeting with granato. At the meeting granato was given an object wrapped in a large leave from the frostelus and told not to open it till he got back to the village. Respecting the frostelus request he waited and when he opened the package he was horrified to find felotas mask with a note reading “consider this a warning. You toa should remember your place in this world. We will not attack your village but do not forget your place.”
Realizing felota was dead granato blamed himself for felotas death. He told himself he did not deserve the rank of toa and left the village unprotected and proclaimed him an outcast. During his travels he met up with laviki while he was on stelt. Since his self exile he has been on stelt working as a guard. His fighting style relies on close combat and dealing heavy blows. He has been known to use plants to attack a foe from a distance.
Granato wields two jagged swords. He also wears a kanohi pakari and is heavily armored


Zakano Turaga Of Iron

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 50 views
and 1 more...

Zakano turaga of iron and vanoka his frost walker
As a toa he was never known by anyone to exist he was transformed into a toa by falling into a pool of poisoned water then being saved by a toa of water that sacrificed her life to remove the poison and give him a life as a toa. As a toa he defended an island from a natural disaster during this disaster he was helped by a toa named laviki. He always felt a connection to rahi. He was also a very active and adventures matoran and toa. When he was transformed into a turaga he didn’t go with the being calm and a wise village leader and relying on others to defend him. So he maintained his active lifestyle. If you look past the decreases power and size he would be just the same as a turaga as he was a toa. He always has a frost walker with him.
As a toa he carried a large scythe and wore a mask of fate. As a turaga he wields a smaller scythe and wears a badly dented and scarred noble mask of fate so he can still be agile with this mask even as a turaga.
As a toa his elemental power was iron now his elemental abilities has decreased but can form a metal wall in front of him.
He will sit in a hollow of vanoka’s (his frost walker) back and ride vanoka for long distances. He has mastered the language of the frost walkers.

frost walkers
frost walkers are rahi that often will become attached to turaga and will allow the turaga to use them as a mode of tranportation. unkown to most turaga and the frost walkers is that after the turaga and the frost walker have developed a strong trust that the turaga can tap into the frostwalkers hidden ability that amplifies the turaga's elemental powers to that of almost the toa level.
the frost walker are capable of short distance flight but mostly walk. they have two bone-like weapons on their hands one that resembles a hook and another one that resembles a thin yet sharp sword. the rahi also have a needle like appendage on their head that acts as a weapon and a mouth. these rahi can survive in many different environments but prefer snowy regions.


Toa Voxumo

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 42 views
and 1 more...
Toa voxumo
Toa of ice
Toa voxumo was at one point in time another being from another dimension. But when he arrived in the matoran universe he was toa of ice. When he arrived a ko-matoran led him to a village that contained a toa of gravity named laviki who had seen his arrival in a vision and knew of his past. For 1 year laviki trained toa voxumo how to use his powers and to not rely on only his vision but hone all his senses. After toa voxumo’s last training session laviki told voxumo that he was a real toa now and immediately transformed himself into armor that became toa voxumo’s armor and tools. Before laviki died he told voxumo to seek out beings that he had encountered during his travels. (I can not reveal the rest of is biography except that he made it to matru eventually. (If you want to know the rest of his life just read the switch mirror story I’m writing.)
After laviki fused his body into voxumo's armor voxumo was given laviki’s original toa tools a 3 inch thick protosteel shield and a sword that has a chamber on it to store a reserve of elemental energy a enough to last him a day. Toa voxumo wields a mask of possibilities


All Other Info On The Elintari Reality

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 41 views

this category will have info on the characters that are in the elintari reality.


Info On Category

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 47 views
and 1 more...
this category will have info on all the main characters that are in my epic the the switch miiror


Quick Info

Posted by Voxumo , Dec 06 2010 · 56 views
and 1 more...
this category will detail the different parts of the elintari reality including the different factions, currency, companies and any events that take place in it.



Posted by Voxumo , Nov 18 2010 · 39 views

just something funny i made

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