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The Fikou Web



Posted by Voxumo , in Random stuff Mar 12 2012 · 405 views

This is an island that voxumo created under orders of the great beings. the island is meant to be the half way point between and is meant to be like a haven for agori, matoran, skakdi,vortixx etc. and it is alse meant to be an island that combine technology and nature. Voxumo even combined the best aspects of both such as the rahi from the MU and the Creatures from Spherus-Magna. where both the fauna and flora can live together.
Posted Image

Posted Image


My Experience Of Makutafest

Posted by Voxumo , in Bionicle stuff Oct 24 2011 · 410 views

I attended my first MakutaFest while bzpower was down. I almost got to be on the show during the Q&A section but they called my phone but it never came through.
At that point I wanted to fall on my knees and in a dramatic way Yell NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
But i didn't even though I really wanted to. But in all reality MakutaFest was allot of fun for me since it was the first MakutaFest i attended, And i can't wait for next year



Posted by Voxumo , Apr 08 2011 · 335 views

I must say that I'm really getting frustrated because I've only had 1 person Comment on my epic The Switch Mirror And mind you this story has been up since December 6th 2010. The same applies to my first ever stop motion video The curious Stant Viper except this has only been up since February 8th and still no one has left any type of comment although there have been plenty of views of the two. It's just really frustrating.
And If you notice the people who get a lot of comments on their stuff are those who have hundreds of post under their belt, Have some staff position or have done a million different projects. I have nothing against anyone I just wish more people paid attention to the beginners as much as they do the experts.


Our New Cat

Posted by Voxumo , Apr 08 2011 · 676 views
and 1 more...
We recently got a cat last december who was born september 20 2010. His name is GIR and he is very clingy.
Thats all for now.


High Shool

Posted by Voxumo , Apr 08 2011 · 276 views
and 1 more...
Well I finnally finished my high school qualifying exam. and Next year I'll be in the 11th grade.



Posted by Voxumo , Feb 22 2011 · 574 views

v.gif o.gif x.gif u.gif m.gif o.gif __ o.gif u.gif t.gif ---


Anime And Manga

Posted by Voxumo , Feb 09 2011 · 328 views
Well I've noticed that a lot of people on Bzpower like Anime so I thought I would list my favorite Anime and Manga

  1. RANMA 1/2
  3. BLOOD +
Mind you I have a older sister that watches a lot of Anime and reads a lot of Manga. Its kinda funny she likes Inuyasha and I like Ranma 1/2 which came before Inuyasha and is made by the same person. We also lived in Okinawa, Japan for 3 years so we have been used to this kind of stuff. Also if you ever get the chance try some Japanese catsup because it is the BOMB they make theirs with fresh tomatoes not rotten.


Recriutment For The Lightened Shadows

Posted by Voxumo , Feb 03 2011 · 716 views
The Lightened Shadows
The Lightened Shadows are now accepting new memberships
There is only one restriction Rahi. There is one loophole to that restriction if the Rahi can prove to the council or the council leader, me that the Rahi is sapient then the Rahi can join. We are allowing memberships so that we can have ambassadors/representatives from other dimensions and realities. We had one from the main dimension, Laviki a Toa of Gravity. But due to unforeseen events Laviki is dead so we are needing some one to replace him. Artahka and I have created a way to time travel We took a Kanohi Olmak and A Kanohi Vahi and immersed them into a pool of protodermis and what came out was a mask that allowed time travel into other dimensions and realities but not the Elitari Reality.

So if you are interested in joining please PM me and give your username or what you would like to be refereed by and if possible what species you are or if your one of a kind. Even if we have someone who is from a dimension and someone else wants to join that is from that same dimension the more the merrier.
And the only other thing you have to do is put one of the two options below in your signature
Member of The Lightened Shadows
you can put this image which is the insignia for The Lightened Shadows in you signature.

All members that have joined will be added to the list that follows
  1. Voxumo The Reality Walker, Council Leader of The Lightened Shadows, One of a kind.
  2. Onarax, Toa of Light and Fire


The Ground Hog

Posted by Voxumo , Feb 03 2011 · 648 views
and 1 more...
well the ground hog did not see his shadow so that means early spring but the funny part is last night ( the night the groundhog did not see his shadow) my town had a decent snowfall about 5 inches. so that is why i say in Alaska the normal seasons don't apply we only have summer and winter because by the time spring comes around we still have snow and the snow doesn't fully melt till the middle of may. When it comes to Autumn trees try to change color but they don't succeed because the snow comes immediately getting rid of the leaves on the tree.

So that is a little fun fact.


Well At 7:20 Pm January 20th 2011

Posted by Voxumo , Jan 20 2011 · 332 views
and 1 more...
The current temp is -22.3 *F out here in lovely Tok, Alaska.

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