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Emerald Bricks


If You Were To Rate Me...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 07 2008 · 92 views
... according to MoCing level, what would you say if I asked you to rate me from 1 - 5? I would have to say... 3.5.

BTW, I believe that I have decided upon the rules for the blog contest, and the starter blog entry should be up earlier on in the week! smile.gif




Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 06 2008 · 113 views
What's up with Majhost.com? I can't get on it, and none of the pics from the site are loading here on BZPower. I would like to upload my navigator images, but I can't at the moment. Does anyone know? I hope that they come up soon, seeing as my blog contest will start next week (if maj still isn't working, I probably won't start it then). Are there any other image uploading websites out there?



Contest Options

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 06 2008 · 188 views
MoCist Duels
Ok guys, I have gotten alot of good feedback on this contest proposal (see blog entry before this one), and thus I believe that I shall go through with it. However, there are still a few things that need to be smoothed over/decided upon:

~ The MoCing period. The options:
a - 24 hrs
b - 48 hrs
c. - 72 hrs

~ Who can enter. The options:
a - Only members that have come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place in a BBCC; or members that have won a LEGO Mag Challenge can enter
b - Same as "a" except it would be 1st - 5th place on the BBCCs
c - Same as "a" except it would be open to anyone who has made it into the finals of a BBCC

~ The trophy. The options:
a - One trophy that only the current champion could posses
b - A whole new trophy for each separate contest

I also thought of a new option for the contest while vacuuming this afternoon. And that would be that instead of two MoCists going at it head-to-head, there would be teams of two MoCists per team in each duel. The members in each team would have to work together (via PM) and make their combination of MoCs be the winners. They would each get a trophy. The thing that I like about this option is that there would be no attitude of "I won the recent MoCist duel. Look at what I did." Instead, there would be a sense of teamwork, which is not found in the regular BBCCs. When it came to the polls here, the members would still present their MoCs separately, but the way that a team would win would be to add the total amount of votes that each member got for their individual MoCs, and that would be the team score. Obviously, the team with the most votes would win the round. Everything else would be the same though.

So, What do you think about that?

Once we get all of this stuff worked out, I shall hopefully be able to post the main blog entry for the contest as well as the first entry form (a separate blog entry) sometime earlier next week. I look forward to seeing how this will all work out! Remember, I need you guys' help as well! wink.gif



Blog Contest Proposal

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 06 2008 · 215 views
MoCist Duels
Hey everyone! I have a hankering to start up a blog contest. I have actually had the idea for this type of contest for a while now, but I didn't have a blog to place it in at that time. But know, I do! So, what is this idea that I've got? Here we go:

BZPower MoCist Duels!!!

So, what exactly would these be? Simply put, they would be a one on one building duel between two of the better MoCists here on BZPower. The contest would work alot like the BBC contests, except that they would be between two members only.

How would they be conducted? Here is a little description:

- I would post up the contest entry form in a blog entry. This would be the official starting blog entry for the contest. Members would enter the contest by commenting in that entry, and filling out the form.

- In order to enter, you must have either: a- come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in a BBCC before (the higher your ranking, the better chance to have of getting in the contest), or b- won an official LEGO and/or Bionicle contest from the LEGO Magazine (or Bionicle comic).

- Once I have all of the contestants names together, I would start up a poll that our members would vote on the two members which they would like to see compete.

- Once the two final contestants are chosen, then the first round of the duel will begin. There are three rounds. You win a round exactly like a BBC contest, you get the most votes. A contestant wins the duel by winning the most rounds (If one of the contestants wins the first two rounds (and thus the duel), then the duel is over without ever doing the third round, unless the contestants wish to do the next one for fun).

One round would work like this:

- The host (myself) would present a description/premise of what the members' MoC must contain. I could tell them what to do based on color, piece number, character, a re-vamp, piece type, or even height. I could tell them to build a specific thing, or I could tell them to let their imagination flow, but their MoC must contain certain elements in it (such as piece number limitations, or color) It would be different every time, and they wouldn't know what to be expecting. For example, I might tell them to build a MoC that contains only green, black and silver, and it must be a toa (I might be more detailed than that, but that is a good example).

- Once I present the necessary elements that the MoC must use and/or portray, then they have 24 hours to build their MoC. As you can tell, this would force them to build quickly and on their feet.

- Once they complete it, they would them PM it to me (this way, they can't see what the other member has built).

- After the 24 hours are up, I would then post the two MoCs in my blog as well as in a new poll (providing that the MoCs fit the description/limitations and the rules). The members would then vote on the two MoCs over the next day, and the winner of the poll would win the round.

- Now, if one of the members doesn't enter a round (for some reason or another) or their MoC doesn't fit the limitations, then the other member automatically wins the round (unless they failed to enter either, in which case I would just to the round over)

- The next round would start up, and then I would present a new set of limitations.

So what happens when it's over? The winner would receive a trophy (a digital one) that they could then place in their blog/sig, and they would then be recognized as the BZPower MoCist Duel Champion. The trophy image would only be allowed to be used by the current Duel champion. The champion would then hold this trophy until the next duel. At which time, he/she could either come back and defend his/her position, or give the trophy back to be passed on to the next winner. In other words, only one person at a time can posses the trophy (another option would be to have a separate trophy for each contest). I would also need someone to make a really nice trophy image, and if anyone would like to, then please say so or PM me. Any other ideas on a prize?

Now, I realize that many of you guys might be complaining and saying, "But GBG, that's not fair, not many of use have won a contest and thus many of us couldn't enter". I know. That's what the BBC contests are for. I wanted to make a contest that only the really good MoCists could enter. This doesn't mean that the regular members wouldn't be involved. They would vote, and this has a very significant role in the contest. Now, I realize that popularity would play a much larger role in this type of contest than the BBC contests, but I think that that's ok.

So, what do you guys think? I would love any suggestions. Oh, and I would like to get your signature if you think that it would be a good idea. Simply sign your name in the comments of this entry. I would like to get at least 10-15, but the more the better! I think that this could be really fun, but I need to know what you think. Please comment away! laugh.gif




Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 04 2008 · 97 views
Ok guys, summer is now upon us, and normally, I would have thought that this would bring a whole bunch of free time. However, it is actually quite busy, and I am wanting to have a good amount of free time to do some of my other hobbies. Thus, BZPower is going to get lowered down on my totem pole of importance. Am I quitting? Leaving?

No. I am simply informing you guys that I will not be super active around here (not that I ever have been...). Sure, I shall jump in when BBC Contests are up and going, I will keep up with blogs and comment in them from time to time, and I shall post in topics that I think are worth it (like really good MoC topics by my friends, as well as news topics). As to my blog, I shall really only post entries on important subjects (and not random stuff). As to my post count, I am just going to let that grow with time. I am beginning to tell myself that rank and stars and stuff don't really matter that much. Just be a good member and have fun. smile.gif

Now, just to let you know, I am planning on entering Bone's blog contest, S&T contest #4, as well as BBCC #50 (when it gets here).

I guess that I am moving beyond the summers that are full of free time and fun, and moving towards the summers that contain work. That's life I suppose. For me, BZPower will come and go for me in spurts. Sometimes, I shall be really into it, and at other times nothing is really going on, like right now, I shall not be as active. I guess that I am in a low spot, and I shall most likely swing back up in the future. I really enjoy BZPower, but in my personal life, I am beginning to tell myself that there are more important things to do.

I am just letting you guys know all of this so that... I really don't know why. I just am. It's my blog anyway. tongue.gif



Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 02 2008 · 104 views
I hath seen it. Doth I recommend said movie to thou? A resounding YES. Why? Read on, but thou must be warned, brave traveler, that much information is about to be disclosed to thou ears. If thou dost not wish to have said movie ruined for thyself, then read no further.
*electric warping sound*
*pops back into the 21st century*
Hey guys! Well, my dad and I went to see Indy last Thursday, and I thought that I would write a little review.

To start off with, the movie was a lot better than I was expecting. It was at least as good as the first Indy movie, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Why do I think this? Well, the movie has alot of great action scenes, there was a good spattering of humor in it, and it was just like classic Indy. I really liked the beginning that was in and around the Warehouse (though Indy surviving the Atomic blast was really far fetched, though funny) as well as the jungle battle/chase/duel. Those ants give you the creeps though. Mutt, I mean Henry Jones the 3rd, was one of my favorite characters. He was jumpy and nervous at the beginning, but you could really tell that he matured over the course of the movie. I especially liked his interaction with Indy, there was some good humor there. The producers also did a good job of using Ford's age to their advantage, which lead to a good bit of the humor. Oh, and one more thing, they had a really good villainess. Irina was one tough gal, she fit in perfectly, and she was so different than all of the other bad guys in the previous films.

Of course, the whole alien thing was... different. And while I do not agree that aliens exist, it was good for the movie. The fascinating thing about the Indy movies is that you have the Ark of the Covenant, some pagan stones, the Holy Grail, and now an alien skull as the object of Indy's search. And in each of these movies, each of these artifacts actually contain power, in other words, the stories behind them are real and true. However, the theology behind them conflict. You have two artifacts that are from the Bible, and yet two others that are pagan/non-theistic. I just found this interesting to think about. What do you say?

So in other words, the actual artifact that Indy was searching for, and the tales and powers behind it, weren't good at all. However, the movie was very, very good over all. There was a great variety of types of scenes: action, fighting (fists, swords, guns, you name it), hunting, solving riddles, spooky graveyards in the dead of night (I never can figure out why the characters in movies have to go at night to the graveyards), raging rivers, jungle chases, and of course a dimensional rift and a flying UFO. What's my final word? Go see it!



Ok, Who's Who?...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 01 2008 · 175 views
I have noticed that quite a few of the forum leaders/assistants have changed their names. As such, I am getting a wee bit confused. Could someone clear me up a bit?



Current Events

Posted by GreenBioGuy , May 30 2008 · 92 views
Hey guys! I just thought that I would run down a list of current events and/or things to do around here:

- Enter Bone's Blog contest (I have begun on the entry, and yessss..... I am liking the idea very much)
- Enter S&T contest #4 (I have a few ideas bouncing around)
- Make a navigator block for my blog (any suggestions?)
- Finish and post my Indiana Jones film review in my blog (I went to see it, and I will tell you right now, it was alot better than I was expecting, and I would highly recommend you going to see it too)
- I have several blog entries that I would like to post, such as an official movie entry, a book entry, etc.
- Go to all of my friends' blogs/profiles and check up on their latest stuff (I was gone on vacation for a little over a week)
- Go over all latest PMs and reply to those that need to be
- Look at, review, and post on Tahkeh's PBZP of myself as well as Toa Ausar's Epic
- Begin working on the beginnings of a new blog contest (What is it about? Hint: "BZPower Duels")
- Tweak avatar and tidy up sig

This list is more for myself than you guys, but you are free to glimpse into my to-do list for BZPower at the moment. smile.gif


P.S. Would anyone mind rating my blog? I don't care if you don't like it and give it two stars or three, but I would really like to have some sort of rating up there.



Posted by GreenBioGuy , May 28 2008 · 115 views
Booya! Just 200 more to 1000... Come on, let's see if I can do it before my one year vahi, shall we?



Let Me Introduce Myself...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , May 28 2008 · 92 views
Greetings BZPower members! I am happy to present to you my first real blog entry. smile.gif I am going to use this entry to introduce myself.

Well, to start off, my name is Joshua. I would give you my last name, but I have been advised not to do so. I am sure that you could figure it out if you really wanted to though. Anyway, I am 15 years old, and I shall be 16 in August (driving! yippes!). I am a rather tall (six feet and just under 3 inches) skinny boy that has a thick carpet of (short) brown hair.

As to my personality, I can be a real goof off, but I can also be quiet, attentive, and respectful; all depending on the situation. I tend to think more logically, and I hate to jump to quick conclusions. I love adventure and action, and you can often find me blowing the heads off of some imaginary foe down the hall. I tend to be a perfectionist (meaning that I have to have all of my ducks in a row). Often times, this can be impending and negative, and I hope to improve. I am also very organized. I have all of my LEGO pieces sorted out in plastic drawers. My room is really never a mess unless I am in the middle of a Bionicle building project. My closet is a little more disorganized, but that is probably because I can't see it. (I can't stand to see a mess). I also have the personality of a leader. Sometimes this is a good thing, and other times (ok, most times) it isn't. If I am not careful, I can be rather bossy to my sister, as well as others around me. I have this impulse to be in control, and I often times have to slap myself in the face mentally and tell my self to just let go. I am also a hard worker, and I try to be diligent (usually, I am). I generally do not mind physical work outside (providing that it isn't 87 degrees and 90% humidity), and I don't usually complain. I also enjoy learning, and thus, school. I must admit that I don't love school, but we must all remember that it is a blessing. Many children around the world can't (and would love to) read. I love helping others, and I think of myself as having a servant's attitude. I am (most times) ready to help my mother with the dishes at night or to help my dad in the yard.

I live in west Tennessee (between Nashville and Memphis, see if you can guess where) with my mom, dad, and sister. Sure, we bicker at times (my sister and I that is), but generally we get along really well. Oh, and she's 12. We live on a five acre plot of land out in the country. Lot's of trees. We also have a large pond in our front yard, which is about an acre large. We also have a small row boat that we take out occasionally and ride in on the water. Well, I say that we are in the country, but more and more houses are being built out our way. But there is a very large area of forest behind our property in which I go to explore very often in the fall and winter. Being in our location, we get high humidity, poison ivy (of which I am allergic), snakes (copperheads), and mosquitoes (I hate them. period. But for some reason then seem to love me...). We also have about 20 blueberry bushes in the backyard, from which my dad says that we shall likely harvest 80 gallons or so this year. We have also built about a dozen or so raised beds in the backyard. Beds to grow produce in that is. We have just about every kind of vegetable you could name. Not to mention a ridiculous number of tomato varieties (not that that's bad, I love tomatoes). Speaking of food, I am not a very picky eater, just to let you know.
Because we have such a large yard, It takes approximately three hours to mow. Yuck. Oh, and we have one dog and a cat. The dog is a chocolate labrador (my dad says that she is one notch above dead, she does just about nothing besides eat and sleep. She is getting old).

Let me give you a little history of how I got into Bionicle. Let's see... Back in early 2003 I had an interest to start getting the LEGO Magazine, I don't remember why though, I didn't even know that a Bionicle comic came with the magazine. Interestingly, I had, for some reason, always thought of the Bionicle sets as "bad", and I would always avoid that section of the LEGO catalogue. I was ten years old at the time. Anyway, my first Bionicle comic was #11, "Who Will Stop the Bohrok-Kal?". As you can imagine, I was pretty clueless about the story, seeing as I jumped in directly at the climax for the Nuva/Kal section of the story. I recall thinking to myself, "who are these guys with the weird heads?". After I talked with my parents about it, I checked up on the rest of the story, on the web and in the books. Soon I had figured out more of the story and my first Bionicle set was Tahu Nuva. I remember putting him on his surf board and making him surf all over the house... ah, good memories. happy.gif Anyway, Gali soon followed for easter, Onua came next, and then my collection exploded from there. I will let you know, that I have very few sets prior to '03.

So, that is how I got into Bionicle. How did I discover BZPower? Well, my dad and I were searching for an Ultimate Dume set back in '05 (we couldn't find him anywhere), and we found BZPower in Google. I now knew that the site existed, but it wouldn't be until two years later that I would actually join. Last year I had started looking around on BZPower and it looked really neat. I asked my dad, and he let me join. Since then, I have gotten into the swing of things pretty well, and I think that it is a great site.

I think that that is enough to start off with...




Emerald Fyre
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Name: Joshua
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Location: Tennessee U.S.A.
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Grade: 11th
Occupations: Student, being a kid
Hobbies: MoCing, Piano, Reading, Imagining
Interests: Bionicle, BZPower, Music, Fictional/Fantasy Books, Action Movies
Religion: Christianity (Southern Baptist)

Bionicle Character: Lewa Nuva
Bionicle set: Hydraxon
Color: GREEN
Animal: Wolf
Outdoor Activity: Climbing trees
Book: The Bible
Fictional book:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Harry Potter
Action Movie: Batman: The Dark Knight
Animated Movie: Cars
Music genres: Contemporary Christian, New Age, and Classical
Male Artist: Michael Card
Female Artist: Point of Grace
Single Player Wii Game: Metroid Prime Trilogy
Multi-Player Wii Game: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Game Character: Samus Aran
Computer Operating System: Macintosh
Strategy Computer Game: Myst III: Exile
Action Computer Game:
Star Wars: Republic Commando
Board Game: Chess


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