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Emerald Bricks


Gonna Be Gone...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 21 2009 · 132 views
... for the second half of the semis and all of the finals, which will make it all the more interesting when I get back to see the results!

Where will I be? Well, I'm leaving on a mission trip tomorrow morning with my youth group, and I won't be back until Friday afternoon. It's actually just to the downtown area of my city, but it's gonna be great none-the-less. We will mostly be doing manual labor stuff along the lines of repairing houses (a house actually, I think), among other things.

So... yeah. Just a heads up. I would appreciate your vote in the Semis! wink.gif

Until Friday...




Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 16 2009 · 186 views
I was just barely able to enter! ohmy.gif (from my perspective, that is). Normally I'm not a push-it-to-the-limits kind of guy. But then BZPower's server had to go and get busy on me... Anyway, here's my entry!

Yay for mini tanks! laugh.gif I hope to get the topic up sometime tomorrow. Sheesh I didn't have much time for these guys; only two days! Well, I'm satisfied with the result at any rate. smile.gif The tanks are quite compact and all of the connection points for the liftarms within them are put together in some rather un-conventional ways. Perhaps I can upload some inner-workings pics tomorrow...

It will be interesting to see how this contest goes... ph34r.gif

Until the polls! laugh.gif



54 Entry Underway...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 16 2009 · 138 views

For the first time, I'm operating on micro-scale, or medium-scale perhaps. I'm about 75% complete with one part of my entry; I'm thinking of having two units to do battle. Yes, they are not humanoid in any fashion; think small, treads, and blasters. Get the idea? Now, back to work.


Back Home At Last! (and Other Random Stuffz)

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 14 2009 · 216 views
Well, I'm home from DC! *waves frantically* biggrin.gif

Yep, it was a very tiring week, but totally worth it. Here are some highlights:

- The museums. We visited many of the Smithsonians (yes, it's plural), and while I enjoyed some more than others, they were all very interesting. One thing which was very fun was we went to see Night at the Museum 2 at the IMAX theater at the Museum of Natural History! At first, I wasn't so sure of how the movie would be. However, at the end, I really wanted to see it again. The movie was very, very fun and enjoyable (if a little dorky at some parts, especially the beginning). Some of the scenes were very creative in how the directors worked in little jokes involving characters from the actual Smithonian museums as well as historical figures period. It was truly a fun family movie, and I highly recommend you seeing it. Anyways, we also saw the National Art Museum; that was really neat.

- The monuments. These included the Washington monument (though not up close; not that that made a difference or anything though!), the Lincoln Memorial (my favorite), as well as the War Memorials. The World War II memorial was especially moving.

- Tennessee Tuesday. You are probably wondering what this is. Well, basically put, every Tuesday the two Senators for Tennessee (Senators Alexander and Corker, I believe, who are both Republican) come to meet with anyone from Tennessee who would like to meet them. There are donuts, juice, and coffee (of course). There were actually quite a few people there, more than I was expecting. Anyway, you also get your picture taken with them after meeting them. This is also a time which they take to talk to their supporters about what there plans are; most of what Mr. Alexander had to say was about climate control stuff. My family was specifically wanting to talk to them about some concerns we have with where the International Law is heading (specifically pertaining to the subject of parental rights), as well as the need for a constitutional amendment protecting said rights (please do not turn this into a political argument). Sadly, they were to busy with other people. However, many of their representatives were there, and we had great success speaking with them about the subject! They were very attentive and responded well. It was neat to be involved in it all...

I believe those are the main highlights of the trip. Oh, and we also rode the metro alot (which was fun) and walked approximately 30 miles over the course of the whole tripe (that includes Mt. Vernon and Williamsburg) ... good exercise! happy.gif

Other random stuffz:

- My sis and I completed Myst IV: Revelation on Friday. We only had to look up one tiny hint in the course of the whole game. We had actually solved this one part, we just didn't know it. dry.gif There was one particularly hart part (the one with Sirrus' frequency throne, if you've played it before) and we were about to give up and look it up online. My dad didn't want us to though, and so we kept at it. Eventually though, we solved it! Man, I love that feeling of being accomplished in solving something on your own! If you are not familiar with the Myst series but enjoy good quality mind stretching puzzle games with a plot to them (no action/fighting involved), then I would highly recommend Myst. You don't have to play them in order, but it's best that way due to the fact that they are linked according to plot. I will warn you though: the old one lack good graphics and controls (they were some of the first computer games every created). However, the puzzles are still there and strong, so it's still totally worth it! I know that you can get them in anniversary packs for less than buying them singly.

- The Wii shipped yesterday, and the estimated arrival date is this Wednesday! Yayzorz! Brawl here we come! _icon_joy_.gif

- The deadline for BBCC #54 is Tuesday! ... Ack! Ok, time to get to work. I plan on doing alot of building tomorrow, although I'm not sure of what I'm going to build. I don't want to do a humanoid though; I want something unique, something which will stand out and shine... something to beat the system. But what? I'll think of something though... hopefully. blush.gif

- I started playing Metroid Prime 2: Echoes today. Pretty sweet; I'm lovin' the gameplay and plot thus far: it's very sinister and mysterious. The multiplayer is pretty fun too; I just wish my sister was as into it as I am. rolleyes.gif

Heh, I've got a ton of personal stuff going on too (catch-up school, driver's permit test, e-mail catch-up work, beginning to write my trilogy, among other things). Prayers would be welcome in this area. smile.gif

One big thing my family's got going is we are going to completely clean up, rearrange, and fix up our playroom (also known as the rec room, but with a "w" right now tongue.gif) We are hoping to get a new (digital) TV soon, and we also want to make the room all around organized (it's a mess at the moment). That will be fun, but it will also take alot of time. The main thing that I need prayer for at the moment is that as I work towards making progress in many areas I will also have some good off-time (it is summer vacation after all) I need prayer for balance... I don't need to over-exert myself. wink.gif

I think that's all. Now to finish unpacking...


In Washington Dc...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 08 2009 · 94 views
Ok, first things first. How exactly do you place two capital letters right after one another in a blog title without the second one being a little letter? Thanks for any input.

Now, on to the news! My family has officially arrived in DC, and we will be here for the remainder of the week. Today we went to the Udvar-hazy Air and Space Museum in the morning and had a blast there looking at all of the cool planes, missiles, space probes, and of course the Enterprise. This afternoon we went to the Museum of Natural History which was neat, even though they tried to smear evolution in your face at every chance (which is understandable for an organization which believes that and has supposed "evidence" for it) That's the only part that I disliked about it, but besides that I really enjoyed it. I am SO tired right now though, I'm not sure if we will be able to take a week of this! I just need to get some good sleep...

In other news, my parents have given my sister and I consent to purchase a Wii! My dad and I just ordered it not 5 minutes ago actually. For the extra game, we are going to start of with Smash Bros. Brawl (at long last!). I'm quite pumped, although this is still a bit of a hard decision for her and I to make, seeing as it's so much money. Ah well; we have been wanting it for a long time and we now finally have the money. I believe we should have a blast with it. If there are any of you guys out there who are Brawl fans (or Wii Sports players), the please let me know and we can exchange codes! I won't be able to play until we get home though (we are having it shipped there).

I've gotta go get ready for bed now, and I believe my internet access will be limited over the week due to the fact that you can only access it in the lobby for free (silly hotel charges; don't they know free wireless is standard now?!). Man, I'm gonna have to scramble when I get home for BBCC #54. Getting a new Wii won't help either. =P



Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 03 2009 · 215 views
Well, I meant to blog about this last night, but forgot (it was late anyway).

My family and I went to see Pixar's UP last evening with some friends of ours. The movie was extremely unique, creative, fun, and I really enjoyed it quite a bit! Definitely worth going to see and even owning if you enjoy good quality plots and animated comedies that are family friendly. There were very few characters, but I never found myself getting bored with them. They were all so different, but Pixar did an amazing job making them all work together for the story.

The whole plot was far fetched, true, but with animated films you've just got to suspend logic for a while. The only truly weird part was when the doggies flew the planes... it was funny though.

I think one of the greatest strengths of the movie is that it can appeal to a very wide range of ages. Not only does it cater to the kiddos, but it was something that the adults could truly enjoy as well. Very well done.

Not to mention that the animation and 3D was Amazing. I was expecting the 3D would be through those little blue/red glasses, and would thus distort the colors. But nope. The glasses affected the color none what-so-ever (they were clear, I still have yet to figure out how they worked), and the 3D effect worked perfectly. I'm excited that this is becoming the new standard for animated movies.

So, what's my take on this movie? In case you haven't guessed, I'd give it a 5/5 star rating. If you like this sort of movie, I'd highly recommend it! smile.gif

Also yay Toy Story 3! happy.gif


Bbcc #54...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 02 2009 · 142 views
Yar, take that you system lover people! evilgrin.gif

Wait... I was just starting to use system in earnest! *facepalm* Oh, the irony! rolleyes.gif

Well... due to the fact that I will be gone right up until a few days before the deadline, I'm unsure if I will be able to enter. (though I will try, oh yes!) I'm gonna have to place a larger-ish order from you-know-where in the next few days... Oh, and there will be no green present! wink.gif

Regardless of whether I can enter or not, I will be very intrigued to see what such builders as DV, Cags, and others will build with the no-system rule in effect. Most intrigued indeed...



In Wake Forest Now...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , Jun 01 2009 · 139 views

My family and I have arrived in Wake forest and we will be here for the next week (I believe we leave on Saturday morning). For those of you who didn't read my last blog entry, my dad is here to teach at Southeastern Baptist Seminary. smile.gif Prayers would be welcome for my dad though; he did not sleep well at all last night, and considering that he will be teaching for about eight hours a day he's gonna need alot more rest. Please pray that he will be able to get to sleep faster and sleep more soundly for the remainder of the week (I think that he was just wired because of his teaching) Thanks! happy.gif

What have I been doing though? Well, for the most part I have been reading Showdown by Ted Dekker (if you've never heard of him, you have to look him up! You will love his books if you like good, solid, christian fiction/fantasy. His plots will twist themselves around your brain until you're dizzy! He is an amazing writer!) In addition, my sister and I have been playing through Myst IV: Revelation like crazy. We are approaching the end already (I think)

Oh, and I also purchased a used copy of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes the other day! While the box is pretty banged up, the disk is in near-perfect condition. Sadly though, I failed to bring my Game Cube, so I'll just have to wait until I get home to play it... Ah well. rolleyes.gif


On Vacation...

Posted by GreenBioGuy , May 29 2009 · 145 views
So, the fam and I are on vacation at the moment. biggrin.gif We are currently located in Morristown Tennessee, and are on our way to Wake Forest North Carolina.

It's actually a kindof work/vacation trip, seeing as my dad will be teaching at Southeastern Seminary this next week, but after that we are going to be in DC for a week of being tourists. tongue.gif I need to find out where the LEGO store is located there...

Anywhoo, We spent the evening with the family of a very good friend of my mother's whom she went to Seminary with way back when. We had a great time. happy.gif

Also, @ Velox: Good job with the Critics Club! I hope to get all caught up this weekend! wink.gif



I Can Has Windows? Also Tech Help!

Posted by GreenBioGuy , May 26 2009 · 239 views
I guess I can has! smile.gif

Well, I'm a avid Mac user, but there comes a time when one would like to have your old PC games to play all portable-like on your laptop, so I went and downloaded Windows XP onto my Mac using Boot Camp (yes, you can do that; nifty, huh?). The copy of XP is the one my family has downloaded on our iMac downstairs in the school-room (I home-school, for you people who haven't read my Bio content block), and we rarely ever use it.

Anywhoo, I attempted to install and play several of my Star Wars games including Lego Star Wars: The Video Game and Knights of the Old Republic. Unfortunately, neither of them would work due to an insufficient graphics card (something about pixel shader 1.1 support and insufficient 3D graphics). I made sure to update all of the latest drivers for Boot Camp and any Windows updates that I could, and yet it still wouldn't work. They work fine on the family iMac, and I am using a MacBook which came out at about the same time as the iMac I believe... way after these games were released for sure. Does anyone have any thoughts on a way that they could be made to work? I installed the latest version of DirectX... Perhaps my version of laptop just wasn't built for Star Wars gaming...

However, I was able to download and play Myst IV: Revelation! I am assuming by looking at the requirements that my 10th Anniversary Myst Pack (Myst, Riven, and Exile included) will work fine as well. I am very happy with this because I haven't played these games in ages and will be quite fun to play again (I have beaten Riven and Exile, nearly beat Myst (don't know why I never finished) and only got partway though Revelation). I am thinking that my sister and I will play them through in order for the summer. Our vacation begins Friday! happy.gif



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