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Prime Time


End Of The Year Collage

Posted by Primus , Dec 31 2010 · 197 views

(^links to huge image)

So, I've made a few MOCs this year, but I think I've made my best MOCs this year, with out a doubt.

Hope y'all like my MOCs from 2010 as I do!



Posted by Primus , Dec 30 2010 · 164 views

I really need to get my light box and lamps.


Last M O C Of 2010

Posted by Primus , Dec 30 2010 · 148 views

Won't be properly posted until 2011. Enjoy the bad picture, I guess. The hand is placeholder.

And depending on if I get a 2.0 for my birthday or not, I might update other parts of it as well.


Favorite Creations Of The Year

Posted by Primus , Dec 29 2010 · 181 views
(in no particular order)

As for my favorite creations that I've built myself from 2010:

If you have any favorites of my builds, feel free to point them out.



Posted by Primus , Dec 26 2010 · 123 views
So, the background music for an NFL ad is "Wildcat."

I just thought that that was ironic.


Money Planning! Oh Fun

Posted by Primus , Dec 22 2010 · 141 views
On one hand, it's nice paying for things and knowing that I'll have enough money to pay for things.

On the other hand, it sucks knowing that out of the approximate $7K I'll make over the next work term, I'll only have maybe $50 dollars for discretionary purposes. If I'm lucky.

But hey, that's my comeuppance for not being smart about how I spent my money last school term. It may suck, but it's a good lesson to learn.

Next school term, I'm not going to have a whole lot to spend, that's for sure, but at least I'll save up a lot of money from the work term after it.

Goodness, I love working.



Posted by Primus , Dec 18 2010 · 160 views

A prize will go to anyone who can figure out, on their first try, all of the parts that I made in this assembly.


N E R F ( Progress )

Posted by Primus , Dec 16 2010 · 160 views

Only a few more things to do and then I'm done with this project. Just in time too, as my project's due by 5 p.m. tomorrow.


Nerf Final Project

Posted by Primus , Dec 12 2010 · 148 views

Well, here's one reason why I love the college I'm at: For my final project in my Mech 100 class, my group made a Nerf Maverick. Which our professor suggested to us. This part was a pain, and I'm not quite done with it yet, but all in all, it was pretty satisfying.


Y: The Last Man

Posted by Primus , Dec 08 2010 · 142 views
Curse you, school library, for not having the last two-fifths of the series! *shakes fist*

Also, I was recommended to read the series by my Technical Communications professor. He's pretty awesome and it's a good series. Now I just have to figure out a way so I can read the last two-fifths.


New Topic

Posted by Primus , Dec 05 2010 · 151 views
Wow, I actually posted a MOC topic in a kinda timely fashion. That's crazy.

(It's here btw)



Posted by Primus , Dec 04 2010 · 183 views

Finally took a good picture of this guy.


Class Of 2011

Posted by Primus , Dec 02 2010 · 221 views
Ok, so I'm really, really stoked for the new Hero Factory sets to come out. Like, almost as stoked as I was when Bionicle was first released. I love that Lego's really movthing the line into a different direction. I think that the ball joint/technic pin/minifig pin system could actually end up being more compatible with regular System pieces, which would definitely be a very good thing. I think that the parts are really, really cool. I don't know if I can say that enough.

I also think that the sets are really cool too. I love the clean lines that the Heroes have. To me, they look more like Lego sets now, which is not a bad thing at all. Excluding the Villains, I don't think that they look like Bionicle sets, which is a good thing as it's supposed to be a new line taking things in a different direction. I know that they look hollow from the back. I get that, and I can understand why people don't like it. But I don't think it's a big deal. The Heroes look good on a shelf, they're the most realistically proportioned "action figure" sets that Lego has produced yet, they come with a large amount of new pieces, and they are really posable. Seems like having a hollow backside is a very small con.

And I know some people don't like the clean lines and what have you. And that's ok. To each his own. But one of the biggest problems that people had with Bionicle parts was that the parts were too detailed. Most System pieces (with exceptions, of course), are simple, geometric shapes. They don't have complex details and a ton of holes in them (Technic ones do have holes, of course, but that's Technic, not System). I think that these sets are going to be better received by the overall community. But, I could be wrong of course. We'll have to wait and see.

And to those saying "These don't look like they're compatible with Technic/Bionicle," people said basically the same thing when Bionicle came out (but that was "System/Technic"). I mean, when Throwbots (Slizers) were first introduced by Lego, it was revolutionary, as they were the first sets to use ball joints (to my knowledge. Feel free to fact check that statement). Bionicle took that a step further. Hero Factory is taking that another step further. I still have my Throwbot pieces, and they're perfectly compatible with my Bionicle ones. I have no doubt that my Hero Factory pieces will be compatible with all of my pieces.

I look forward to seeing what can be done with the new parts and where Lego takes this theme. I actually want to go and buy all of the sets, which isn't something I've wanted to do since Bionicle first launched.

And you know what? To me, Hero Factory does seem like Bionicle, circa 2001. Not in shape or aesthetic, but in principle. They're new sets that take Lego in a new(er) direction. I can't wait to see how this turns out, but I know one thing's for certain:

I'm definintely buying these sets.



Posted by Primus , Nov 27 2010 · 181 views



I Built

Posted by Primus , Nov 24 2010 · 173 views

I'll have more pictures tomorrow.

It's kinda funny really, as the first time that I've been home for more than a few hours is also the first time that I've built something in a while.



Posted by Primus , Nov 09 2010 · 117 views
So, I got a bid to join Sigma Chi. SO PUMPED!

Never expected myself to be a fraternity kinda guy, but hanging out with these guys has been a blast, and, from what I hear, it's only going to get better. Can't wait to pledge next term.


Stampede Part Two

Posted by Primus , Nov 05 2010 · 136 views

This Nerf war is incredibly fun.


Trypticon Part Two

Posted by Primus , Nov 04 2010 · 120 views

Oh yes!



Posted by Primus , Nov 03 2010 · 130 views

My dorm unit has a Nerf war going on right now, and I figured I should bring more to the table than a Maverick.

And it's a pretty sweet Nerf gun. smile.gif


Be Jealous

Posted by Primus , Oct 31 2010 · 121 views

Or don't, I guess.

More photos in my Photostream


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(^Click for my Flickr)

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