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  1. Pretty sure this was deleted originally because its in the wrong forum. Unsure on what the allegations are but would prob be more prudent to post it to the General Discussion Forum.
  2. There's a second tube (3mm rigid) behind the gold flex axles that the rays connect to via an exo force clip. You can see it if you zoom in on the photo a bit
  3. Sweet, I almost won! Congrats to Paleo on the W and to Pohaturon on 3rd looking forward to the next contest.
  4. I went with number 2, very well executed build and very menacing vibe.
  5. Gallery A wandering shepherd in need of a new flock... Comments and criticism appreciated. P
  6. Master of Darkness. Destroyer of Ta-Koro. Butcher of Toa. Scourge of Mata Nui... While fighting Teridax, Tahu became corrupted by antidermis and drained of his honor. He killed Teridax and absorbed his power, becoming fully transformed into a force of pure evil. He then when on a spree of destruction, killing the other Toa and levelling Ta-Koro. Tahu acquired the Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time, so that he could relive the killings of his closest friends and revel in their misery...... By embracing his dark desires, Tahu has become the Lord of the Shadows... Built for the BS01 Legends and Infamy Contest. Also the mask is a Lego Prototype part I got back in 2010 in case you were wondering
  7. Glad you like it! I really love trying to build around those torsos, they can be very challenging but also very rewarding, and can lead to some pretty weird proportions (which I like lol). As for editing my photos, usually I only crop them and adjust the color balance slightly, but I did a bit more for this one. In my original pictures the blue sheet that I shot against was all wrinkly, and instead of reshooting the photos I decided I would just edit the background (this was also my first shoot against this blue sheet). In a trial version of Photoshop I selected the background, feathered my selection (leading to the glowing edge), averaged the values, and then added a gradient. I'm not too sure how I feel about it, usually I don't mess with the background. What do you think about it? Thanks! I really love using those yellow half-bushings for extra splashes of color Also shout out to BlackSix for the front page mention! That was pretty cool to logon to
  8. Primus

    Vern V

    Posted another MOC! I've been on a roll this year: (^^picture links to topic^^)
  9. A bot designed to work in large furnaces & forges, Vern spends most of his days toiling away making sure machinery is kept running. The heat exchangers in his arms and legs coupled with a multitude of cooling tubes allows him to work in extremely hot environments for hours on end. Brickshelf Gallery Really liked how this guy turned out, finally found a use for that av-matoran torso & train wheels I had laying around. C&C appreciated, hope you guys like him!
  10. Just found out about this topic. For the sake of completeness I wanted to point out that I have one of the 6 Trans-clear/Marbled red Hau Nuva's. I recieved mine from Black 6 at Brickfair 2010. I'd have to dig them up but I should have a blog post and Flickr post from that time frame to prove its authenticity.
  11. I feel you there, but none of my other gunmetal parts seemed to fit the MOC thematically. I personally like the emphasis it puts on the head, but I get that's not everyone's cup of tea. Now there's a name I recognize! Glad you like it man, hope you've been well
  12. I've been on a bit of a tear building stuff recently (in comparison to my previous hiatus, anyway). This time, a I've managed to make a hard-suit for a TechnicFig who had no legs. Found him while sorting all of my parts and decided he needed a suit to make up for it. He's a "final boss" foil to an older MOC of mine, the Gevangen Hardsuit. And yes, there's a TechFig in there! Brickshelf Gallery Hope you guys like him, C&C is appreciated! P
  13. Primus

    Final Boss

    Built some competition for an old MOC of mine. Topic to come later today.
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