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Agent Carter

Posted by Zeddy , Feb 25 2015 · 516 views
I have mixed feelings about that finale... I'm sad that it's ended and season 2 is nowhere in sight, but also excited for Agents of Shield to finally start again. :P For me it was probably one of the better shows I've seen, and I think like Breaking Bad since they had a clear time frame going in they were better able to craft a decent (great), no-loose-ends type of story.

I'm just gonna sit here hoping and praying that they renew it coz we need more shows like it on TV.


BZP Meetup

Posted by Zeddy , Feb 13 2015 · 416 views

I finally made it to one lol

Pomegranate, TMD and B6, y'all are cool people.

Hope to meet more people at the next one, whenever it is. ^_^


Been Away for a While

Posted by Zeddy , Jan 16 2015 · 452 views
Mostly coz I don't use my laptop much when I'm at home, I watch TV instead. :P So expect more activity when college starts next week.

Anyway, while on holiday I started watching the Hobbit, and then I watched the second part and then the third and then read the book... and then I watched the LotR movies and am reading the book, so yeah, it's been a productive few weeks. :P I initially thought I wouldn't like them much, because I'm not usually a huge fan of elves and dwarves and stuff (dragons I can handle), and I thought I would prefer more ASOIAF style books (with humans and a bit of magic), but turns out that's not the case.

Anyway these three books and then the other ones should keep me busy for a while, and now I'll finally be able to understand all the LotR references that usually go over my head. :P Good times.



Posted by Zeddy , Dec 12 2014 · 374 views

I've been watching Salt in Russian as a way of procrastinating, instead of researching stuff about Ukraine. I think it's a fair compromise.

also im sleepy halp


Well whaddaya know

Posted by Zeddy , Dec 04 2014 · 803 views
So I was walking around my friendly neighbourhood Lego store, and guess what I found in a dark corner, hidden away.

Kanoka disc packs.

It was like a wave of nostalgia hit me, and I almost bought one but then I was like what's the point. I'll just tell people on BZP. :P It's funny how a 10+ year old collectible is still available in stores, and I can't find this year's Technic bike thing model...

Edit: Here's a pic.


Building stuff

Posted by Zeddy , Dec 03 2014 · 623 views
I bought Rocka Stealth Machine, mainly coz I couldn't find either the Motocross bike or Evo XL (there is still hope for those two though). :P

It was a pretty fun and surprisingly complex build, or maybe I'm just too rusty when it comes to Lego now. :P It was also strangely cathartic, which is great coz I needed it. A lot. Needless to say I'm gonna be buying a couple more sets, and I can always pretend it's a birthday gift if I start feeling guilty about all the spending. :P



Posted by Zeddy , Dec 02 2014 · 341 views
Life, Ew, Help
Bugs! Of some kind have infested my roommate's and I's... room. And beds. I'll give you one guess as to what bugs they are and, if you guess right, I wouldn't know because we don't know what kind of bugs they are either. My money's on a carpet beetle, which is weird because there are no carpets in sight but I guess just because it's called a carpet beetle doesn't mean it's exclusive to carpets. :P

I don't know. We're getting the room smoked out or whatever... the good thing about being in college is there's someone to do it for you. :P What sucks is we can't enter the room for a couple of days and we've been sleeping in the basement which probably has worse things going on than a few critters.

In order to make you (and me) feel better about this, here is a video of dachshund puppies:


Should I Buy...

Posted by Zeddy , Nov 26 2014 · 491 views
... a Hero Factory set? I don't own a single one and I've been craving for something to build. I'm not with my Bionicle collection (it's at home) so I can't dismantle things and start building. Also I would like to have a few of the pieces too, just to see what they're like and maybe use them in a hypothetical MOC. :P

So my question is, of the current line which one do you like best? I was leaning towards the Evo XL one because if it's the only one I buy, it's OK to splurge a little. :P Second option would be the Rocka Stealth Machine. If you guys already own them, let me know what you think of them. How big are they, how heavy, how fragile/stable (mainly coz they're gonna have to fit in a suitcase).

Worst case, I'll just buy a couple of Mixels. :P



Posted by Zeddy , Nov 19 2014 · 694 views
Or, in other words, the pinnacle of human achievement. Landing a probe on a comet a bajilion miles away? Pfft, childs play. Combining snackfood and drink into a cheese-flavored carbonated beverage? That, people, takes true genius. I salute the pioneers at Pepsi for coming up with the one thing this world needed, the one thing we were missing from our lives but just didn't know it until now.

Truly, this is it, people. It's just all downhill from here.




Posted by Zeddy , Nov 12 2014 · 343 views
Games, BZP
... a contest that I have the relevant skills to enter (check out GA21 guys), and a Humble Bundle I don't feel the need to buy. :P


Boiling Potatoes

Posted by Zeddy , Nov 05 2014 · 554 views
... is literally the dullest, most time consuming thing I can think of when it comes to cooking. If only the payoff wasn't sooo worth it. WHERE IS A PRESSURE COOKER WHEN YOU NEED ONE D:

Hopefully now that I'll have some boiled potatoes I can finally motivate myself into actually using them in a dish instead of just leaving them there and giving up and eating them with salt or something...

And while we're on the topic of frustrating foods, what is up with the lemons, guys? How the heck is one supposed to use them? They're like yellow oranges (heh) except worse- near impossible to peel, and half of the good stuff just stays unused! I guess I'll just go lemon-less when I'm not at home (or buy those lemon juice things)... The ones I'm used to are small, thin-skinned and you can squeeze them with your hand without spraining your wrist.

I guess I'm just homesick lol


Age of Zombies

Posted by Zeddy , Nov 01 2014 · 379 views

Now it looks exactly like that other dual-stick zombie shooter with 3D cuboid characters!

Especially after you ruined Fruit Ninja with whatever silly updates you made to the interface and menu... I don't think I can support you in this endeavor anymore, Halfbrick. Good luck with the fat wads of cash you'll be making but I'll tell you what, you're not gonna find my money in there.

It was a good... idk, like five? years and a lot of fun times, so I'm just gonna leave now before you ruin it more. :P If you need me, I'll be here, glued to my phone, playing 2048 till the end of times.


Free Steam Key

Posted by Zeddy , Oct 31 2014 · 929 views
Hey y'all, it's Halloween and I'm feeling generous so instead of handing out free virtual candy (does such a thing exist?) I'm handing out a free steam key for the game FTL. If you're one of the few people who doesn't already own it, go ahead and comment on this post saying you want the game and... why you want it, I guess? Idk I'm bad at doing giveaways. I'll probably do a raffle thing and pick a random person, so it doesn't really matter what you say. :P

So yeah, a no-spiderwebs-attached giveaway of a pretty awesome game. No tricks, that's all there is to it. :P

Happy Halloween!

:alien: :devil: :ninja: :sky:



Posted by Zeddy , Oct 30 2014 · 475 views
So that was a fun (and tiring) trip. Everything hurts and I just want to lie down on my bed and drift off. But I still have the weekend so I could go somewhere else (but probably not because comfy bed + homework + shower + heating = staying inside).

I think the highlight was when I got to do a tour thing where I got to drive around Tuscany in an old Fiat 500. It was my first time driving on the wrong right side of the road so that took some getting used to, but I managed without any civilian casualties. Most of the drive was either up- or down-hill so we didn't really have a chance to go past second gear but it was fun nonetheless. :P It was refreshing and fun driving a car with no electronic assists and also the engine was at the back (!) so it was very loud but oddly peaceful. :P The petrol/gasoline/whateveryoucallit fumes may have helped a bit. :P

I've always wanted to drive an old-ish car, and the Fiat 500 (the new one) is basically my dream car under the category of "Cars I Will Realistically Be Able to Afford Someday", so it was a pretty satisfying tour. ^_^ (If any of you are planning to visit Florence, I'd recommend looking into these tours.)



Posted by Zeddy , Oct 25 2014 · 464 views
Well, I'm off from classes for the whole week (fall break whooo), so like precisely everyone else, I'm gonna go explore Europe. :P I'm off to Florence first and hopefully a bunch of other places. I'll be gone till Friday if everything goes according to plan. :) Needless to say internet will be spotty so I probably won't be online much. Here's hoping I don't get killed or worse, mugged.

Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone, m'kay? :P


New iTunes

Posted by Zeddy , Oct 23 2014 · 620 views
So, iTunes has received yet another update. I have to say it's a huge improvement on the old UI; I actually kinda like it. It's way cleaner and compact. :)

Now if only I can get it to stay open for more than 5 minutes without crashing...


Cuteness Alert

Posted by Zeddy , Oct 22 2014 · 450 views
I'm gonna go ahead and leave this here. (Not mine, found it on the internet)

Posted Image

It just brightens the place up, doesn't it? :P


Oh My God

Posted by Zeddy , Oct 20 2014 · 483 views

There's a Russian Bionicle fan site? :o


So long, BZP, it was fun while it lasted. :P


The Dark Knight Re- sorry, Batman vs. Superman

Posted by Zeddy , Oct 18 2014 · 563 views
So apparently there's rumours floating around that Jenna Maroney Jena Malone will play a female Robin in the new Batman vs. Superman movie. Two things:

1) Maybe a dose of feminine energy will help balance the manliness of the Bat-chin.

Posted Image

2) Seriously, DC, why can't you just make a movie based on The Dark Knight Returns and sit back and sip your cocktail made of $100 bills by the poolside which is also filled with money on your beach chair which is also made of- you guessed it- money? The material is there, just make it already D:

I'm still excited for this movie and I'm looking forward to see how exactly they plan to handle the mix of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, she-Robin, Lex Luthor and Khal Drogo Aquaman without botching everything, as Zack Snyder is known to do occasionally. I don't have very high hopes at this point, but I'd love to be proven wrong in two years' (!) time. :)



Posted by Zeddy , Oct 18 2014 · 571 views
I don't know what they are, but I went ahead and bought one. I had a disproportionate amount of fun building it- after the 1-2 minutes it took I felt giddy the whole day.

Who knows.. maybe I WILL GO AND BUY ANOTHER and feel all self-conscious when I walk into a Lego store filled with a bunch of 5-8 year olds :gavel:

(EDIT: This is an old entry that I accidentally republished by clicking the wrong "publish" button. :P)


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